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Originally Posted by Deevo
I've spent some time following the Harry and Ginny thread with some interest now and I must admit that I'm quite delighted with the way Jo has bought the two of them together. They are undoubtedly a going concern as a couple and seem to be only on hold while other matters are attended to.
You sound like an Accountant here.

Our other central pair, Hermione and Ron, are much less positive in how they've gone about their relationship. I must admit to having quite misjudged them as I thought by the way they interracted throughout and particularly at the end of OOTP that they were already a couple and may have even acknowledged this during their end of book hospital stay. Well how wrong I got that call, oh well.
I thought they were together as well. It's not you alone. I thought that even though there wasn't a lot of evidence they seemed to be acting like a couple in OotP.

Well, given Jo has pretty much said that Hermione and Ron are the other couple now I guess the question is when and how they are going to come out into the open and just admit it. Like the last book they've ended HBP in a very couple like manner with their mutual support of each other at the funeral and later of Harry in his upcoming quest. Still after the last book I'm not going to assume anything is set in stone between them and there are still some issues to be resolved or at least exposed to the reader.
Well, they are definitely going to be together as they like Harry and Ginny are meant to be. How they'll come together is anyone's guess. Maybe at the wedding but more than likely bonding while visiting the Dursleys. I expect an early book get together but because they have to be searching for Horcruxes there will not be a lot of time for snogging, etc (I'm sure Harry will be thankful ).

So with that in mind the question is where to from here for Hermione and Ron? What's resolved and what remains to be resolved between them? I'm hoping that Jo retains the comedy of their relationship as this, and others in the series particularly from GOF on, have served to bring some lightness and balance out what has ben becoming an increasingly dark and dire story.

So what do you think then?
I think that everything has been resolved between them. It's apparent to both of them now conclusively that they like each other. It's just a matter of discussing it and getting together (with some bickering of course ). Ron now knows what type of relationship he wants and Hermione knows that Ron wants her. It will happen at the beginning of the book within the first 10 chapters maybe. This could only be wishful thinking of course because I've been dying for this couple to get together since the end of GoF. I just hope JK doesn't make us wait.

I had a scary thought though - suppose JK doesn't ever plan to bring them together because she plans on killing one or both of them?

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