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Originally Posted by Arwen1957
I think a terrible thing will nearly happen and they will realize how much they care for each other
Personally I think that's what happened with Ron's poisoning but like the previous book and their mutual hospital stay I'm not taking anything for granted this time around.

Originally Posted by cgold
Originally Posted by Deevo
They are undoubtedly a going concern as a couple and seem to be only on hold while other matters are attended to.
You sound like an Accountant here.
Aaargh, no, not the accountant. Run for your lives.

Well, they are definitely going to be together as they like Harry and Ginny are meant to be. How they'll come together is anyone's guess. Maybe at the wedding but more than likely bonding while visiting the Dursleys. I expect an early book get together but because they have to be searching for Horcruxes there will not be a lot of time for snogging, etc (I'm sure Harry will be thankful ).
I'm kind of expecting something to come out at the wedding, I just hope Jo keeps it comedic.

I think that everything has been resolved between them.
That's what I'm not so sure of, if it has then it's happened out of sight for us. The one festering issue I hope is adressed is Hermione's relationship with Viktor. I think from her perspective he's a friend but it's obvious that Ron still feels threatened by him and we still don't know just how Viktor himself feels. During GOF he certainly seemed to display genuine feelings toward her.

It's apparent to both of them now conclusively that they like each other. It's just a matter of discussing it and getting together (with some bickering of course ). Ron now knows what type of relationship he wants and Hermione knows that Ron wants her. It will happen at the beginning of the book within the first 10 chapters maybe. This could only be wishful thinking of course because I've been dying for this couple to get together since the end of GoF. I just hope JK doesn't make us wait.
Oh definately. It's the discussing of it that's been the hold up for them being as they're both clearly insecure people and uncertain how to move forward here. Hopefully their mutual understanding that was shown at Dumbledore's funeral which was such a contrast to the last time Hermione broke down with Ron in POA will allow them to deal with this more effctively than either of them have yet done.

I had a scary thought though - suppose JK doesn't ever plan to bring them together because she plans on killing one or both of them?
Like I said in the 'Your feelings if Harry dies?' thread in this post I'd be quite shocked and surprised if Harry and the rest of the foursome didn't survive the books.

Originally Posted by FaceofBoe
The feeling I got from the end of HBP is that they love each other and they both know it. They're more comfortable with each other than they've probably been since CoS. But they're not at the kissing stage yet. I think we might not see them at that stage until after the halfway point of Book 7 - it might even be not until the very climax of the series that they actually, officially, get together (let's face it, a love story is usually more interesting during the actual falling in love stage, than it is once the couple have got together). Why they're not together yet, we can only speculate. We know Harry was worried about them getting together, because he didn't want them to fall apart, and their friendship to go with it; and he was also worried that they'd become embarrassing. Perhaps Ron and Hermione (probably Hermione more than Ron) are worried how Harry will react? How would he feel about it? Not that he'll be angry, but that he'll be hurt or embarrassed in some way. None of the trio have ever openly talked about what's going on, so Ron and Hermione have no idea how he'll react. Maybe this will be discussed in Book 7. Another interesting thing is that the books are told from Harry's POV, so when Ron and Hermione first kiss - if JKR wants to show it to us - Harry will have to be either in the room, or spying on them. I can't wait to see how she's going to work all of this together. She's been telling this romance over seven books and clearly knows exactly how it's going to work out - just one piece of the puzzle left.
Were they already together I can see a kind of reluctance to be too 'couply' around Harry, particularly when they know he's broken it off with Ginny and why. This may change as the book progresses but to be honest such moments are probably only going to be short interludes between challenges for them. Still I'm looking forward to seeing it progress.

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