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Originally Posted by Deevo
That's what I'm not so sure of, if it has then it's happened out of sight for us. The one festering issue I hope is adressed is Hermione's relationship with Viktor. I think from her perspective he's a friend but it's obvious that Ron still feels threatened by him and we still don't know just how Viktor himself feels. During GOF he certainly seemed to display genuine feelings toward her.
Oh, no. Completely forgot about the Krum-factor. Geesh. Just one thing more to hold up the R/H happening. Okay, I take back what I said. Nothing is resolved until Krum is out of the picture and I can't even hope that he will not return because JK said he would. Maybe an early get together is being too hopeful after all although I'll still wish for it. Maybe they will clear it up quickly when Krum comes into the picture. Ron is so irrational in his jealousy though that I very much doubt it. Oh, well, we didn't want all that snogging while they were searching for the Horcruxes anyway, so maybe them getting together at the end is better.


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