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Originally Posted by Durmstrang_DE
lol, maybe so. Fleur's invitation to Krum: So I felt that since you're still living and all... do you want to come?

Anyway, I don't think Krum will get in the way of Ron and Hermione - they both know they like each other, and it would be stupid to say otherwise especially with Voldemort running around with his Death Eaters, avada kedavra'ing anyone who gets in the way.

We'll probably see them get together in the beginning of the book, in that little pre-Hogwarts part (though, this time it may be pre-Horcrux-search part). I have a funny feeling that at one point or another, Harry's just going to walk in on the two of them...this is one of the few things I'm 99.999% sure about. Hehe.

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