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Harry and Ginny - Where to from here?

This is v3 (with a slight name change for the sake of clarity) of Harry and Ginny Meant to Be? (v2 is here.

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Originally Posted by FlyingPhoenix
I really hope its like you say, if it turned out she only meant for recent books such statements, a hell did break lose.

The Weasleys are the ideal family, yet its not whole and free of failures. Nor dos it mean they always get along with Harry or will all survive either.
Its not yet done IMO.

Same gos for Ginny, she may be ideal but this don't implies an ideal girl will be Harry's future wife.

Ideals are there to be looked at, to be awed but in the end you won't get it because the world is that terrible mean. This happens in fiction more than once.

This can mean if Harry were a normal boy, if his life were cool Ginny were his girl for always but he isn't in an ideal "fictional world" either. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying nobody should make the mistake to be too sure on this.
Continue. Play nice. Yadadaadaaya.

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