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Originally Posted by Hinoema
Thank goodness. Now we can get a good discussion going. Jo has said it- Ginny is Harry's ideal girl. So, let's talk about what will be!

Do you think Ginny will actively help in the Horcrux hunt? If so, how?

When do you think they will get back together, or acknowledge that they still love each other, despite the relationship being on hold?

Who will do so first? How?
I'm not sure if Ginny will be an active participant in the Horcrux hunt - the fact that she's underage could be a hindrance there. She can't apparate yet, and so on.

I do think Ginny will play a big part in the final battle. JKR said we would see that she is a powerful witch so I'm expecting her to so something big.

I also think this whole break-up between Ginny and Harry will be resolved early on - I think someone is going to point out the flaws in his logic to Harry. Breaking up with her isn't going to do much to protect her, IMO.


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