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Yay new thread! And I can see they've changed the title . I was wondering when the new version would open and it just had to happen when I had a nice long reply typed out to FP's post .


Originally Posted by Hinoema
Do you think Ginny will actively help in the Horcrux hunt? If so, how?
Well she'll definitely want to come along if she finds out about it that is (does she already know? Sorry haven't done my HBP re read yet) and she'll try to persuade Harry to take her but this time, Harry will put his foot down because his stupid noble side will kick in again and he'll tell her to wait for him (oh the cheesiness!).

When do you think they will get back together, or acknowledge that they still love each other, despite the relationship being on hold?
They'll get back together at the end but they will have a talk at Bill and Fleur's wedding IMO when Harry stops drooling over her in her bridesmaid gown and pulls himself together.

Who will do so first? How?
Harry. He'll vanquish Voldemort, search for Ginny in the battlefield and go running into her arms . Or maybe Ginny gets injured and taken to the hospital and when she wakes up, she'll see Harry who sweeps her off her feet with a passionate kiss . Lame, I know, but that's all I can come up with at the moment.....


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