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Originally Posted by Hinoema
Thank goodness. Now we can get a good discussion going. Jo has said it- Ginny is Harry's ideal girl. So, let's talk about what will be!

Do you think Ginny will actively help in the Horcrux hunt? If so, how?

When do you think they will get back together, or acknowledge that they still love each other, despite the relationship being on hold?

Who will do so first? How?

Horcrux: I have to say that for the most part I don't see that Ginny will be a knowing active part in locating and distroying the horcruxes. We still have a problem in that she doesn't yet know about them. When she finds out it will be quite the revolation owing to the fact that she was involved with one of them; the diary.

As to any other involvment with the horcruxes, I just don't know. I keep toying with different ideas to work it out. Here are some thoughts: Ginny will be to stay behind and keep her ears and eyes open. Ginny may come into play towards the end with the last two or so. Ginny will beheld responsible for making some very difficult decisions regarding Harry and what he has to do and how he has to do it.

Get back together: I think that they will fall into what so often happens to people at weddings. They will hear the music, watch the goings on, Harry will watch Ginny walk down the isle, and imagine himself up there too. At the resception they will dance and the look in each others eyes will tell them what they already know to be true. The love has not left, nobody said it would. The love has intensified and that will scare Harry. He will reiterate that Ginny must stay behind.

When all is said and done, it is my greatest wish that they both survive, they will fall into each other's arms and never let go.

Who 1st/how?: You got me there. I don't have any really clear ideas on this one other than at the end of it all they will both join together simultaniously.

We always, always have choices......and make no mistake, choosing to make no choice is a choice...take your time, think things through...and make wise choices!!! After all, "it is our choices, that show what we truely are, far more than our abilities."
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