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Hello all!

I posted this theory on one of the last pages of the old thread, but I don't think everybody got to see it, so I'm reposting it again here so that you can all either praise me for my brilliance or tear it apart. I've edited it a little bit from what I previously posted, just to make it a little more coherent. (I also took into account a couple of comments that were made about it, so thank you, Nicole, for your feedback!)
Originally Posted by Weasleytwin
I was posting on another thread, The Secret Riddle and I had an idea about RAB. The thread is for discussion of meaning of the chapter title 'The Secret Riddle.' Now to refresh anyone's memory who hasn't memorized the HBP chapter titles, this is the chapter wherein Harry sees Dumbledore's memory of visiting Tom Riddle at the orphanage. Now most people on that thread were saying that 'the secret Riddle' refers to the fact that the rest of the Riddle family didn't know about Tom Riddle, but I started 'thinking outside the box' and came up with something different.

In this chapter, we see a part of LV's past that he has kept secret from his followers. Bella has no idea that LV was a halfblood, judging from her reaction in the MoM when Harry tells her that he is. He wouldn't have told the DEs that he was raised in a Muggle orphanage. Hence, in this chapter, we see the 'Secret Riddle' that LV has tried to hide from his followers. That brought to mind the phrase 'I have discovered your secret.' This phrase can easily mean 'I have discovered your secret horcrux.' However, if RAB had discovered the secret about LV's past, 'The Secret Riddle,' that also explains how he had found the cave. Perhaps the horcrux itself was not the secret RAB had discoverd.

Some people have suggested that the DEs knew about the horcruxes, because of the phrase 'you, who know the steps I have taken, long ago, to guard myself against mortal death.' If we guess that RAB (Reggy) discovered 'the Secret Riddle' and that this is the secret to which he is referring, then we don't need to worry about why a DE-who might have been in on the horcrux secret anyway-would tell LV that he discovered a secret that he already knew about. If the secret RAB speaks of discovering in the note refers to the secret of LV's past rather than the secret of the horcruxes, it is perfectly reasonable that RAB could be a DE who would have known about the horcuxes. In RAB's case, however, the note suggests that he believed there to be only one horcrux. It seems reasonable to suggest that LV told his DEs that he had 'taken steps against death' rather than telling them outright that he had made 6 horcruxes. From that point, Reggy could have easily guessed that there was one horcrux, but wouldn't have guessed that LV had made additional horcuxes, since no one ever had before.

So...I dub this the "RAB discovered 'The Secret Riddle' theory". The major points in the theory are as follows:
1. The HBP chapter 'The Secret Riddle' refers to the secret of LV's past: that he is a halfblood, that he was raised in a Muggle orphanage, and that he took two children to the cave. This would have been a secret to the DEs, who do not know that LV is halfblood. (It has been pointed out that several DEs who knew TR while he was in school-such as the Lestrange brothers and Avery-would have probably known the secret. However, I don't think it was common knowledge among the DEs)
2. Reggy discovered the secret of LV's past. As to how he discovered this secret...perhaps from Slughorn? I think Slughorn is the link between them, but I have a hard time believing that Sluggy told Reggy about the horcruxes. Perhaps he told him that LV had been raised in a Muggle orphanage, and from there, Reggy was able to track down the cave.
3. Since RAB knew about LV's past, he knew to look for the cave as a potential horcrux location. He already knew LV had made a horcrux, since LV had told his followers about the steps he had taken towards immortality.
4. RAB's phrase 'I have discovered your secret' refers to his discovery of LV's past, or the 'Secret Riddle.'
5. RAB is Reggy and probably took Kreacher with him. He knew there was a horcrux and knew where to look, but he didn't know what to expect, so he brought a magical servant that would be forced to obey him no matter what order he might give. (who he took with him is not really important to this theory)

So, ideas? Feedback? Theory-destroying?
Thanks in advance for your feedback/theory destroying!

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My RAB theory:The R.A.B. discovered 'The Secret Riddle' theory
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