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Re: U - Breastfeeding

Originally posted by ravenfeather.
If I can overcome these obstacles in my situation, I feel pretty strongly that anyone can, barring valid medical problems.
But how are you qualified to make this kind of statement? I did it, therefore other people can and should?
Guess what: I straightened my own teeth by tying them together with dental floss. Instead of getting braces I straightened my own teeth (my hand to God). Does that mean I think other people could do the same? Are people who have crooked teeth somehow beneath me because they didn't take the initiative to straighten their own teeth when I have done so myself?

I applaud you--I honestly do--on having persevered in such difficult circumstances. You stuck to your guns and it paid off. You should be very proud. You're an inspiration to us all (no sarcasm intended).

But please remember that not all people are the same. There are a million reasons why a woman could fail where you were able to succeed. I am merely asking that you show a bit more compassion and try to see the other side.
It would be nice if women could be more together on this, instead of judging each other. It's a very personal and touchy subject, yes. But we could encourage each other and help each other and be supportive, rather than judging and belittling each other. (ie. "boo hoo! I can't breastfeed!")


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