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J.K. Rowling's Official Website FAQs

As this post was getting rather long, I've moved some of the topics to other posts below. Hope that doesn't cause confusion for those who were used to seeing the majority of the topics in this first post!

Site Navigation (aka What is where?)::    

   Main Desk contains News (The Daily Prophet), Rumours (The Quibbler), the Diary, the Scrapbook, Jo's Biography (1965-2006), the Wizard of the Month (WotM), the WOMBAT card and several Portkeys.

Pink Eraser, portkey to the Room of Requirement, the mysterious door.

BinderClip, portkey to Fan Site section (medals and trophies are here).

Pencil sharpener, portkey to the Rubbish Bin.

Eyeglasses, portkey to the Links section.

Hairbrush, portkey to the Extra Stuff section (a bulletin board and a radio are here).

Paperclips, portkey to FAQ section (frequently asked questions Jo has answered); the FAQ poll will be found here. Clicking on the paperclips will allow 'delivery' of three envelopes. Click any envelope to access a listing of FAQs, this sheet will have a 'tab' on the left to switch between the three FAQ areas and to access the Poll.

Scrapbook Secrets (aka "Easter eggs")::    

   As of 31 March 2007 there are 12 items for the scrapbook:

Revision of the plan of ‘Order of the Phoenix’: Go to the Extra Stuff section. Take the pen off the string and drag it over to the blank sheet with the yellow thumbtack. Draw a lightning bolt in the middle of the sheet. Try and keep the pen as steady and as centered as possible. If you have difficulty with this, go to the Links section and wait for Peeves to go through. He will knock a picture off the wall to reveal the correct shape of the lightning bolt you need to draw.

More idle jottings (Page 1): First, go into the Extra Stuff section. Turn the radio off (if it isn’t already off), then turn it on and wait while the radio tunes itself. Listen to the program “Toots, Shoots and Roots” by Tilden Toots. He will suggest putting six drops of rejuicer (red potion) followed by three drops of the regerminator (green potion) on the flitterbloom plant. (He will also say that the next program will explain how to skin a gurdy root and what to do if Muggles hear your honking daffodils.) Leave and click on the Eraser Portkey on the desk. It brings you to the Room of Requirement. Follow the instructions with the potions on the plant, lifting each bottle in turn until it tilts and drips on the flitterbloom. Now you have another scrapbook piece, revealing (around the time of Prisoner of Azkaban) genders of teachers and some attempts for hippogriff names.

Original synopsis of ‘Philosopher’s Stone’: Go to the Rubbish Bin and move the mug several times in a clockwise circle. When you stop it forms a circle inside. Leave and go to the Extra Stuff section, click on the white card that says "Circle" with a red circle on it (partially hidden by the main “note” in the middle of the bulletin board). Now you have an original synopsis of Philosopher's Stone.

Very early draft of Philosopher’s Stone (Page 1): Go to the Fan Sites page. To the right, click on the small red box five times. [The clue for this can be found by rearranging bits of paper with various words in the Rubbish Bin section. “Here I am no ring within, tap five times and you get in.”) It will open. Click the question mark bubble to get a scrapbook page that includes information that Draco's surname used to be "Spungen."

Ancient Drawings (Page 2): Dial 733837 (P-E-E-V-E-S) on the cell phone and press the green button-- you'll see Jo’s drawing of Peeves.

Very early page of Philosopher’s Stone: Dial 62442 (M-A-G-I-C, as mentioned in OotP) on the cell phone and press the green button.

Very early draft of Philosopher’s Stone (Page 2): Dial "31071965" (which happens to be Jo's birthday, 7/31/65) on the cell phone. Now you have an early (around 1994) draft of Philosopher's Stone. The clues for this can be found in the Links section by clicking on the thin red book on the bottom shelf, Ancient Runes Made Easy. It reveals some information on several different magical creatures. The symbols will allow you to “translate” the rune blocks found in the Rubbish Bin.

First typed manuscript of Philosopher’s Stone: In the Extra Stuff section, grab the revealer (blue and white) on the bottom of the bulletin board and move it around the blank paper scrap. Then click the small green leaves above the image, and they'll disappear. Next on the main page, wait for the spider to crawl on the screen and click that. In the Links section click on the potion flask on the bottom shelf. Finally in the Fansites section click the blue feather on the bottom shelf. Clicking on all of them will reveal the scrapbook page.

Page of doodlings (Page 2): On the Links page, click the book with the question mark on its spine and move it to the left, then grab the key and put it on the chest on the right side of the screen. The key will turn and a floating question mark bubble will appear. Click on that and you have another scrapbook addition.

Ancient drawings (Page 3): Go to the Rubbish Bin area and click on the pen to the left of the trash bin. This will crack it in half and make the pen leak ink that will reveal the secret to getting another item added to your scrapbook. The first item you need to click on are the eggshells, located on the right side of the Rubbish Bin page. Next, go to the Extra Stuff section and click on the fibers seen right under the blank scrap paper. Then head over to the Fan Sites section. Click and drag the empty medal box on the top shelf to the right or left and it will reveal blue stones/bubbles/whatsits. Click on those and you'll have Jo’s drawings of Nearly Headless Nick.

Ancient Drawings (Page 1): On the main page, there is a marble located just to the left of the FAQ portkey (paperclips). Wait patiently for Peeves to whoosh through. Click the marble when it starts to swirl and you'll receive more of Jo’s drawings. The watch will begin to glow just before this happens. There isn’t much time to click on the marble—you have to be quick!

Ancient Drawings (Page 4): Go to Fan Sites, there are two different medals with a question mark. Pick them up and place them in the empty holders on the bottom shelf. Now you have Jo’s drawing for the Midnight Duel in PS/SS.

Early draft handworkings Go to the Rubbish Bin and hold the mouse above the Sneakoscope until it moves. This will reveal a piece of paper with a "?" Go to the Extra Stuff section and use the pen to draw the mark as it is shown.

Handwritten early draft transcript Go to the Room of Requirement.Click near the upper right corner of the lightswitch to peel back the wallpaper. The area to peel back might be easier to see if you turn the lightswitch off. Go to to main desk and wait for Peeves to knock over the cup of pens. When he does, an egg will appear. Click it. Next go to fansites and wait for the lacewing fly to land on the FSA award. Click it to reveal your prize.


Room of Requirement (aka Door Openings)::    

   1) 28 June 2004, JK Rowling revealed the title to Book 6: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Below are the instuctions:

After you get to the mysterious door, opening it up will reveal a brick wall. Click the middle one, the one below it, the one above the middle, the lowest one of all, and the highest. Then you'll be in a room; click on the fan. The fan will blow papers around and one of them will have the title.
The door closed 07 July 2004.

2) 16 August 2004, JK Rowling revealed the first quote from the Half Blood Prince:

(He) looked rather like an old lion. There were streaks of grey in his mane of tawny hair and his bushy eyebrows; he had keen yellowish eyes behind a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles and a certain rangy, loping grace even though he walked with a slight limp.

The instructions below explain how the door was opened for the second time:

a) Move your mouse over the window sill, and then towards the right and start clicking. Click around the middle of the black area to find the light switch.

b) Once you find that, you'll see a dartboard and 3 arrows sitting to the lower right of the dartboard. Throw three of them in this order: 7, 1, 3 (The code to the vault in Gringotts the Philosopher's Stone was in. There are some gum wrappers on Jo’s desk that also seem to form 713.)

c) This will move the dartboard and show a Gringotts Digital Electronic Safe. Enter the code that is shown on the Extra Stuff page after Peeves blows it into view (302723) to unlock the safe.

d) And then click on the piece of paper lying on the bottom shelf, and there's your next clue to Book 6!
The door closed 26 August 2004.

3) 31 October 2004 the door opened for the 3rd time, and Jo revealed the names of three chapters from HBP, which were:

Chapter Two: Spinners End
Chapter Six: Draco's Detour
Chapter Fourteen: Felix Felicis

The instructions below explain how the door was opened for the third time:
a) Go to the Room of Requirement and wait a few moments for Peeves to knock over the vase which will reveal several keys.
b) Try each key by dragging it in front of the keyhole until you find the one that opens the door.
c) When you choose the correct key, the rest will disappear and clicking on the doorknob will open up the door.
d) Open the drawer that you see and get the magnifying glass, then put it over the brown book.
e) This will reveal a puzzle. The answer to the puzzle is "chapters".
f) That's it! The titles of 3 chapters in Half Blood Prince appear and you now have Jo's latest surprise!
The door closed 15 November 2004.

4) 20 December 2004 the door opened for the fourth time, announcing that Half-Blood Prince had been completed:

"I know you all expected this to happen on Christmas Day, but I was sure that those of you who celebrate Christmas have better things to do on the day itself than fight your way into my study, whereas those of you who DON'T celebrate Christmas would definitely prefer not to wait until the twenty-fifth - so...
'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' is COMPLETED and has been delivered to my English language publishers, who hope to announce the publication date within 24 hours.
Although I have joked about HP&THBP racing my third baby into the world, I have in fact had all the time I needed to tinker with the manuscript to my satisfaction and I am as happy as I have ever been with the end result. I only hope you feel that it was worth the wait when you finally read it!
Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday and a happy and peaceful 2005,
With love from,
JK Rowling

The instructions below explain how the door was opened for the fourth time:

a) Once in the Room of Requirement, click on the Christmas tree in the mirror. This will open the door.
b) Now you see a Christmas decorated room. Clicking on each present under the tree will reveal a riddle. The order of the riddles are random, so here are the answers that you must use (in no particular order):

* Corned Beef
* Prince
* Half
* Otter
* Blood
* Bristol

c)Now that all the candles have been lit, click on the card hanging on the string with the yellow star on it to get the Christmas message from Jo about delivering the manuscript.
The door closed 25 December 2004.

5) 30 March 2006 the door opened for the fifth time, revealing the first ever WOMBAT test, Grade 1:
Visitors were asked to take the Level 1 WOMBAT in a 25-minute time frame, and the test determines "whether the sitter would be able to exist safely and effectively within the magical world."

The instructions below explain how the door was opened for the fifth time:
a) Grab the rock from behind the potted plant and use it to break the mirror.
b) Put the key in the door lock.
c) Trip the mousetrap on the top shelf. (optional)
d) Click on the paper and read the riddle. Type "reparo" (you will not see the word appear anywhere). The mirror you broke fixes itself.
e) Close the note.
f) Click on the door in the mirror. The door in front of you will open and you'll see Jo's desk.
g) Move the gold pointer so it's pointed straight up and then the WOMBAT test will reveal itself.
h) Take the test and keep your Student ID number for future reference.
A few weeks later, a red and white card appeared on the keyboard on Jo’s desk. Clicking on that allowed people who took the test (and hadn’t lost their student ID code) to enter their code and view a certificate.
The door closed 05 April 2006.

6) The Do Not Disturb sign has been removed, 29 September 2006 to reveal WOMBAT Grade 2 exam (25 minutes to answer 18 questions. Directions:

Double click on the door handle to enter the Room of Requirement.

Then click on the following, in order:
Wombat book (left side of desk, open until clicked)
clover leaf (which merely spits sparks if anything is clicked out of order!)

The clover leaf will turn into a key.

Insert the key into the drawer (center it on the handle) and the drawer will open.

Then turn the timer and the test will be revealed!

The Do Not Disturb sign reappeared on the door 4 October 2006.

7) The Seventh Door Opening, 21 December 2006, Jo reveals the title to the final book in the series.
1. click to the right of the door in the mirror to make the tree appear in the mirror
2. click in the middle of the top portion of the main door to get a wreath
3. click on the roof of the hallway in the mirror to get paper chains
4. click on the cobwebs at the top right corner of the main door
5. click on the fourth windchime from the left, it will turn into a key
6. click and drag the key to the keyhole
7. the door will open to reveal a present on Jo's desk, click on the gift
8. click on the paper to play hangman for the title.

The door closed 04 January 2007.

8) The eighth door opening, 13 June 2007, revealed WOMBAT Grade 3. Directions:
1) Click on the fly on the window (it will turn into a key) and hold the mouse button down while dragging it into the keyhole.
2) Put the triangle in the middle of the test booklet.
3) Put the short bar in the middle of the triangle (should bisect it).
4) Put the circle in the middle of the triangle.
5) Click on the test and follow the instructions that appear.

The door closed 18 June 2007.

9) The ninth door opening, 20 July 2007, required nothing more than turning the handle on the door to reveal the following:


Within hours you will know what happens to Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest in their final adventure. All the secrets I have been carrying around for so long will be yours, too, and those who guessed correctly will be vindicated, and those who guessed wrongly will not, I hope, be too disappointed! As for me, I feel a heady mixture of excitement, nerves and relief. 'Deathly Hallows' remains my favourite of the series, even after several re-reads; I cannot wait to share it with the readers who have stuck with me through six previous books.

There is only one thing left to do: acknowledgements! Here are the people who have joined me at various stages of the seventeen year journey I have taken with Harry, who (if you laid their brains end to end) could tell a story much stranger than fiction, of how weird and wonderful the world of Harry Potter became as it expanded way beyond all of our wildest dreams.

I am, firstly, deeply indebted to my agent, Christopher Little, who has been with me from the beginning and who took a chance on an unknown author whom he sweetly advised not to give up the day job, before working tirelessly to make sure that I never needed to teach French irregular verbs again. I bless the day his name caught my eye in the Writers' and Artists' Year Book; thank God he wasn't christened Vernon. Everyone at his (now considerably expanded) agency deserves my deepest thanks, but in particular Emma Schlesinger, who has become an irreplaceable walking encyclopaedia of Potterania, and Neil Blair, who has fought so many battles on Harry's and my behalf, and will, hopefully, get his weekends back now.
My eternal gratitude goes to Barry Cunningham, the editor at Bloomsbury Children's books who accepted Philosopher's Stone for publication, but who did not remain at the company long enough to garner all the plaudits that were rightfully his. I had been turned down by a fairly long list of publishers before Barry discerned some merit in Harry; he is a great editor and I will never forget his patience with a writer who was simultaneously struggling to be a teacher and a single mother.

Barry was succeeded by Emma Matthewson, who has been my editor and friend for the subsequent six Harrys, whose arbitration I have awaited with bated breath every time I delivered a manuscript, and without whose calmness, honesty and sound judgement I would have been lost. The editing of 'Deathly Hallows' was, in particular, hugely emotional for me, and I cannot think of anyone I would rather have shared it with.

Everyone at Bloomsbury Children's Books has been fantastic to me and worked so hard for Harry, but Rosamund de la Hey and Sarah Odenina were with me from the start and have been staunch friends throughout. Nigel Newton, Chief Executive of Bloomsbury, has been hugely supportive from the very beginning, long before Harry began to sell in vast numbers, because his children were fans of the books; he has been a constant source of enthusiasm and generosity.

A turning point in my life was the day I spoke to Arthur Levine for the first time. He was the American editor who had just out-bid three other publishers for the first Harry book. I felt terrified as I picked up the telephone to speak to him; the first thing he said was, 'are you terrified?' I think I loved him from that moment. He, too, has become a real friend and confidant, and the memories I have of seeing San Francisco with Arthur on my first American tour are among my happiest of the whole Potter experience.

The other person at Scholastic whom I must thank is the preternaturally efficient and completely lovely Kris Moran, who has shepherded me through two American tours, and sundry other press events, and whom I adore for her loyalty, her ability to locate coffee in an apparently moisture-free environment and her corner-of-the-mouth-while-opening-books-for-signing quips.

I also want to thank booksellers everywhere, but particularly in the UK, because they were crucial to Harry's initial success, which was built, not on clever marketing, but on word-of-mouth recommendations by the highly knowledgeable people who staff our bookshops. Harry has become hard work for booksellers in later years, with embargoes and crowds making the whole business much more fraught, and much less intimate, than it used to be (though many still throw themselves into the spirit of midnight openings); I am deeply grateful.

Harry Potter is now published in 64 different languages. I am constantly mindful of the fact that so many people are involved in the production of the books across the globe, from China to Canada and most places in between. The arrival of foreign editions is always a real thrill, and I am so grateful to all the people involved, some of whom I have met, but most of whom I have not. I would like to send a little cyber-wave and my warmest thanks to Christine, Yuko, Allan, all the Klauses, Pedro and Sigrid. To list everybody would take up twelve pages, so please forgive me...

Dotti Irving, Mark Hutchinson, Rebecca Salt and Nicky Stonehill at Colman Getty PR have made my life so much easier it makes me wince to remember how it was BCG. Bizarre Potter press stories will fade out of our lives now, and we'll probably miss them once they're gone...

Here in my office at home are Christine and Angela, who have dealt expertly and sensitively with my Harry-mail for years, making sure I see the letters I ought to, bringing calm where once there was chaos. I am so glad I found both of them, and that they are still hanging in there.

It is hard to know what to say about my indefatigable, invaluable, indispensable PA, Fiddy, whose job has swollen beyond recognition since I first had lunch with her and told her it would probably fill an afternoon a week. She has stood valiantly between me and a tidal wave of demands for years now, enabling me to write books and look after my children, and barely a day goes by when I don't thank God I have her.

And so to my family. For a long time, my sister Di was the only one who really saw what it was like at the eye of the storm, and on at least one occasion she picked me up, dusted me down, and talked me back to sanity. She understood that, for all the incredible benefits Harry brought me, there came a time when the pressure and the attention I had not sought became a little overwhelming, and she was the one who saw me through that period, and enabled me to find some perspective.

No writer ever had a better spouse than my husband. I still cannot believe how lucky I am to have married Neil; I don't think writers are supposed to be this happy. His support has made the writing of the sixth and seventh books, in particular, a complete joy.

As for my children, my two youngest do not really know what Harry Potter is all about yet. Looking forward to sharing the books with them when they are old enough keeps me from feeling too sad at having finished.

The very last person to be thanked is the most important person of all, the one to whom I owe the greatest debt of gratitude. I wrote the final draft of the first three chapters of 'Philosopher's Stone' while pregnant with my eldest daughter, Jessica. She has never known what it is like to live without Harry Potter; even before he was published, he was a presence in our house as I typed away frantically in the evenings or broke off conversations with her to scribble on bits of paper. Jessica has never once complained about the attention I devoted to her fictional brother, never reproached me for the fact that Harry Potter has sometimes been a bane rather than a boon in her life. It has not always been easy to be J K Rowling's daughter, yet if I had decided to stop before the seventh book it would have been Jessica's disappointment that I would have feared the most. The fact that 'Deathly Hallows' will sit beside Jessica's bed until it becomes dog-eared and falls apart means more to me than anything else, more than the huge print run, more than all the publicity in the world. So thank you, Decca. (And tidy your room. It's disgusting. Mum X)

Currently, the Do Not Disturb sign is still missing.

Time Turner Addition, 31 October 2007 A time turner like Hermione's in POA has been added next to the door. Click on the knob next to the date to spin it. When it lands on a new date, click on the time turner itself and you will be transported back to that date's door.


Wizards of the Month::    



Felix Summerbee
Inventor of the Cheering Charm.

Gwenog Jones
Captain and Beater of the only all-female national Quidditch Team, the Holyhead Harpies.

Donoghan Tremlett
The Weird Sisters' (popular wizarding band) 32-year-old bass player.

Honoria Nutcombe
Founded the Society for the Reformation of Hags.

Uric the Oddball
Highly eccentric wizard who is famed, among other things, for wearing a jellyfish for a hat.

Glenda Chittock
Popular presenter of the W.W.N. (Wizarding Wireless Network) programme ‘Witching Hour’.

Devlin Whitehorn
Founder of the Nimbus Racing Broom company.

Ignatia Wildsmith
The witch who invented Floo powder.


Derwent Shimpling
Ate an entire Venemous Tentacula for a bet and survived, though is still purple.

Artemisia Lufkin
First witch to become Minister for Magic.

Mungo Bonham
Famous wizard healer. Founded St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

Gondoline Oliphant
Famous for studies of life and habits of trolls. Clubbed to death in the Cotswolds while sketching.

Felix Summerbee
Inventor of the Cheering Charm. (This may have been an error and is the only one to show up twice.)

Elfrida Clagg
Chieftaness of Warlock's Council.

Chauncey Oldridge
First known victim of Dragon Pox.

Bridget Wenlock
Famous Arithmancer. First to establish the magical properties of the number seven.

Gaspard Shingleton
Celebrated inventor of the Self-Stirring Cauldron.

Fifi LaFolle
Author of the 'Enchanted Encounters' series.

Carlotta Pinkstone
Famous campaigner for lifting the International Confederation of Wizard's Statute of Secrecy and telling Muggles that wizards still exist. Ms. Pinkstone has been imprisoned several times for her blatant and deliberate use of magic in public places.

Bowman Wright
Famous for developing the Golden Snitch.


Jocunda Sykes
Famous for flying across the Atlantic on a broomstick - the first person to do so.

Yardley Platt
1446 - 1557
Serial goblin-killer.

Daisy Dodderidge
1467 - 1555
First landlady of the Leaky Cauldron.

Grogan Stump
1770 - 1884
Popular Minister for Magic, appointed 1811.

Fabius Watkins
1940 - 1975
Legendary Captain and Chaser of Montrose Magpies. Died in freak collision with helicopter.

Hookum, Daisy
1962 - present
Wrote bestseller My Life as a Muggle, after giving up magic for a year. Married to celebrity gardener Tilden Toots.

Tarquin McTavish
1955 - present
Imprisoned for crimes against Muggle neighbour, who was discovered trapped inside McTavish's kettle.

Erica Stainwright
1932 - 2001
Disgraced 1950s housekeeping guru who made fortune selling 'cleaning' potions that really generated more mould and grime.

Hambledon Quince
1936 - present
Author of controversial theory that wizards originate from Mars, Muggles from mushrooms.

Idris Oakby
1872 - 1985
Founder of the S.S.S.
(Society for the Support of Squibs)

Lorcan d'Eath
1964 - present
Heartthrob singer, part vampire, nineteen weeks at number 1 with hit song 'Necks to You.'

Laurentia Fletwock
1947 - present
Celebrated breeder and racer of winged horses. Has campaigned for tighter restrictions on broomstick use.


Harvey Ridgebit
1881 - 1973
Dragonologist, caught first Peruvian Vipertooth, established world's largest dragon sanctuary in Romania.

Mnemone Radford
1562 - 1649
Developed Memory Modifying Charms.
First Ministry of Magic Obliviator.

Tilden Toots
1959 - present
'The wizard with three green thumbs' Celebrity herbologist and radio personality.

Magenta Comstock
1895 - 1991
Experimental artist whose portraits' eyes not only follow the viewer around the room, but also follow them home.

Helga Hufflepuff
(Medieval, precise dates unknown)
One of the four celebrated Founders of Hogwarts, Hufflepuff was particularly famous for her dexterity at food-related Charms. Many recipes traditionally served at Hogwarts feasts originated with Hufflepuff.

Salazar Slytherin
Medieval (precise dates unknown)
One of the four celebrated Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Salazar Slytherin was one of the first recorded Parselmouths, an accomplished Legilimens, and a notorious champion of pureblood supremacy.

Godric Gryffindor
Medieval (precise dates unknown)
One of the four famous Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Godric Gryffindor was the most accomplished dueller of his time, an enlightened fighter against Muggle-discrimination and the first owner of the celebrated Sorting Hat.

Rowena Ravenclaw
Medieval (precise dates unknown).
One of the four famous Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Rowena Ravenclaw was the most brilliant witch of her time, though legend has it that a broken heart - cause unknown - contributed to her early demise.

Albus Dumbledore
1881 - 1996
Brilliant and often controversial headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore is most famous for his 1945 defeat of Grindelwald and his steadfast championing of Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. Dumbledore's self-proclaimed proudest achievement, however, was featuring on a Famous Wizards Chocolate Frog Card.

Harry Potter
The Boy Who Lived, only known survivor of the Avada Kedavra curse and conqueror of Lord Voldemort, also known as Tom Riddle. Harry Potter joined the reshuffled Auror Department under Kingsley Shacklebolt at age 17, rising to become Head of said department in 2007.

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