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Can Snape really be trusted?

I know everytime we suspect Snape it ends up that he really is working for good but what if thats just a set up for at the very end the seventh time we question him we write it off as no way he can't be and he really is?!?!

I mean dumbledore trusts him but only to a point. He won't let him be dada teacher even when the only other options are :censored:? Is it like dumbledore fears if snape gets to close to his old ways he'll trade?
Like how you don't let an acholic (sp?) tend bar?

Snape refers to voldemort as "the dark lord"? what's up that??

snape is friends with Lucius Malfoy a known death eater? If snape is a trader to them how come their still friends?

just wondering what yall think

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