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I agree with what catwalkk said. One thing that book V definitely highlighted was how fallibility was an inherent trait in all human beings, in both wizards and muggles alike. Dumbledore himself said that he'd underestimated Snape's hatred for James, and the lengths to which that hatred has manifested itself in Potter Junior, and as such even though Dumbledore TRUSTS Snape that trust might not be enough to prevent Snape from committing some tragic act in the heat of the moment.

Nevertheless, I think another reason Dumblebore might trust Snape might have to do with Snape's life debt to James. When Harry saved Peter in PoA, Dumbledore said that such an act creates a bond between the two wizards, enforced by a magic more powerful than Harry could ever imagine. Therefore, even though James is dead, who's to say that that debt didn't carry over to Harry? I'm not really familiar with the logistics of wizarding debts, but hey, you never know.

I believe that Harry won't die in book seven as many people seem to be speculating. Rather, perhaps a sacrifice by either Snape or Pettigrew on account of that 'life debt' might be in order?

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