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Re: Discussion: The Deathly Hallows

Ok there were many wierd things about the book...

first of all the first chapter was a really disappointment, deatheaters discussing about Harry (whoelse), then they kill a Hogwarts Teacher we've never seen WHO CARES!?! And then the ministery. They fell pretty easily I think. I was already wondering why Voldemort didn't do it faster. Then the chapter about the Dursleys was also dramatic. There we've got Dudley who always hated Harry and always bullied him and now suddenly he loves him? LIKE ***!?! really a anti-climax not reallistic. Really it was already known to me that Rowling weakest side was drama ('Harry... you're a wizard!' book1) but that didn't ruined it for me.

Then the part that Harry founds out al kind off stuff about dumbledore. It was really disappointing he just readed everything in the goddamn newspaper!?!

Also many events happend to easily. Like Accio Hagrid? Ron speaks parseltongue by copying, far to easily!? Then at gringrots 'Oh hey we need to escape... look there is a dragon lets climp on it and escape. Then the deluminator... it is really a thing to put ligths on and out but it also lets me see were people are! HOW CONVENIENT!

Rowling first said that the secret of a secretkeeper dies withhim and now Rowling says that there are 20 secret keepers at grimmauld place ***!!!

Bill was secret kepper of his house, but Ron could tell Dobby where he had to go???

The horcruxes where so important, but infact they played only a small part in the book. The only thing we saw was that Harry, Ron and Hermione were camping and looking for the horcruxes. Who they did find pretty EASILY. Come on.. Ron and Hermione destroy a Horcrux in the chamber of secrets, and next thing Harry destroys one because the Horcrux falles in the cursed fire from Crabbe while even Hermione brigthest witch of here age didn't even had the guts to do it.

Then Kreacher, the houself who has been manipulated for over 20 years by bad wizards and hated Harry for 2 years long (vica versa) and then he seems to be hardcore and makes the food for Harry and his friends and he starts a houself rebellion. Does everyone've to see the Light accept of Voldemort? Be realistc plzzzz. Everything has been done far to easily and everything was in advance for Harry... from Kreacher to Narcissa.

And what a strange introduction about that if you beat and then gain the wands of the opposit wizard. She could've told that before, part 2 maybe??

I really got the feeling Rowling lost the story and that see was stuck with her plot and that there had to be somethings changed so everything would lead to a happy end.
Just like you do when you playing a game with someone else and you nearly lose and then suddenly say in the game NO NO that ain't the rules you must do this and that...

The book could better be named Albus Dumbledore & The Deathly Hallows. The thin storyline 'finding the horcruxes' which only covered about half the book had to make place for the 'deathly hallows'

Then the people who died.. Let me be clear that I don't mind it who died but that I do mind how they died. Hedwig dies and Harry makes a drama about it. Hedwigs dead covers about 2 ****ing pages... Then the end of the book the dead of Tonks and Lupin. NO FOCKING DETAILS TOTALY OFF SCREEN. Since when is that bloody owl more important then Lupin or Tonks!?! Harry even cried longer about Cedric Diggory.

And the ending. What a ********. Albus Severus Potter?! What a anti-climax. These things are nice for fanfics, nice to think about the name as a fan because you know it wont be a one... but helas this is real. I really can't believe it that this is the ending chapter where she worked 17 years on.

This book has to many hollows. Instead of answering questions Rowling about things where she always did very mysterious about it, she even made more!!! Example what did James and Lily do for work? What was the Department of mystification exactly? What was the 'Viel' preccisly? All the instruments of Dumbledore.. etc etc etc

Then "Not my daughter you *****" part. I don't mind cursing but this is really the first big curs word I find in the books... really a anti-climax feeling it gives. Because at other times see made stories like 'Hermione said... RON!' Blabla.

It was a big dissapointment.

ps. the text above has not been orginally been written by me but I've this from a Dutch forum and I agree with many things what has been said by the poster. I also think it was a bit off disappointment but luckly I enjoyed the book

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