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Re: Fan Scripts: Remake Harry Potter

About the death of Voldemort... I was actually thinking how this should be like.

BELLATRIX topples to the ground, and in slow-motion, Voldemort turns to watch her die.

VOLDEMORT: NO!!! (not a cheesy "NO!" but a very scary, insane "NO!")

He turns and waves the ELDER WAND, and tendrils of light spary everywhere, hurling MCGONGALL, SLUGHORN, AND SHACKLEBOLT over the Great Hall. VOLDEMORT turns to MOLLY, furious. HE raises the wand, and just as the Killing Curse was said, HARRY pulls the Cloak off. Now in regular motion.


A massive shield explodes in the middle of the Hall, and as everybody turns to see who'd done it, HARRY steps out of the crowd. VOLDEMORT turns to see HARRY, and he hisses. The magical ceiling now turns to a deep violet color, and a hint (very slight) of the sun is starting to rise. It's very subtle. They start circling each other. The crowd stumbles backward, making a circle in the hall. Several DEATH EATERS Apparate between the people, turning in confusion. One of them looks at Voldemort, gestures, but with a look from VOLDEMORT, he clambers back in rank.

VOLDEMORT: Harry Potter. So yet again, you escaped Death.

HARRY: (raises a hand quickly) Don't help. It's got to be like this, just you and me.

VOLDEMORT: You don't mean that, Potter. You snivel and hide behind the skirts of greater people, hiding away from me.

HARRY: You thought so. But you're wrong. I did that to protect everybody, from your harm. Remember my mother, Lily? The blood she gave up protected me from you... until-

VOLDEMORT: I came back! You're not protected anymore!

HARRY: Yes, you're right... but don't you see? I've done the same thing... for everybody who've fought you tonight. You don't know anything, do you, Riddle?

VOLDEMORT: (growls) You dare to-

HARRY: Yes. You never learn from your mistakes, Tom Riddle. Now, before you make yet another mistake, try to feel remorse...

VOLDEMORT: What is this? (looks shocked briefly)

HARRY: I've seen what you will become. Be a man...

VOLDEMORT: You're lying! I, Lord Voldemort, possesses the powerful wand ever to touch Wizarding history! We don't have that Phoenix core protection anymore, we duel on skills, alone!

HARRY: Be careful. You think you're powerful?


HARRY: You thought so, yet you're wrong.

The crowd reacts, and whisperings start. They are cut off by VOLDEMORT.

VOLDEMORT: He is dead, on this grounds, rotting in the tomb! I saw it myself!

HARRY: He never got murdered. He made a fatal mistake and arranged the whole thing with the man you thought was your faithful servant... Severus Snape. He stopped working for you once you killed my mother... she was the only person Snape ever truly loved.

VOLDEMORT: Silence! What does it matter, then, as both are dead! On my own doings!

HARRY: Really? Well, when Malfoy disarmed Dumbledore on the evening he died... that wand you're holding, the master of that is Draco Malfoy.

VOLDEMORT: I can attend to Draco after this! You speak nonsense, and you're stalling your death!

HARRY: But... I overtook Malfoy weeks ago and took his wand. (holds up wand) Does that wand you hold know its master was disarmed? Because if it does... then I am the master of the Elder Wand.

The sun finally rises, and the magical ceiling turns a shocking orange-yellow.



The jets of the spells collides, then they breaks up. Shots of light bursts from the connected jet of light. Voldemort growls, but then he looks fearful- as the Elder Wand flicks away out of his hand- a green jet shot out- it hits Voldemort in the chest- a booming explosion echoes as Voldemort kneels. A moment, then suddenly jets of light burst from his chest. Voldemort's body withers, then his robe turns into smoke, and his body along disappears in a smoky fog. The Death Eaters panics, and attempts to Disapparate, but the Order quickly gathers them up.

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