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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

Here's a scene I wrote for the beginning of Deathly Hallows. It's short and to the point which is what they (WB) want.

A dark cloudy sky. The metallic looking Warner Brothers Logo flies through the air and directly towards the screen. The camera passes through centre of the logo leaving a dark cloudy sky. Through the clouds come the title 'HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.' The music of Hedwigs theme quietens as the camera pans down onto an old country lane.
A crane shot of the country lane. The sky is clear. In the distant a noble manor house can be seen, lights glimmering in the night.
Several loud cracks are heard followed by a bang. Two men have appeared in the lane. One of them is lying on the floor, the other stands over him, a small wooden wand in his hand.

Snape, whatch'a playing at?

Apologies Yaxley, yet you could have been anyone.

Yaxley gets to his feet and the pair make their way to a iron gate in front of the manor house. They pass through and make their way up the lane to the house.

I would have got here sooner but I got held back. (He pauses) You are sure that your news is correct.

If everything goes to plan. The Dark Lords work the past sixteen years will finally be worth it.

You mean Potter? What-

Yaxley is cut off as they reach the door of the Manor. Snape knocks and several seconds later a pale boy (Draco Malfoy) opens the door and lets Snape and Yaxley through.
Yaxley and Snape make their way through the house to a back room where a large group of people are sat around a table. Snape sits next to the tallest man, who is sat stroking a large snake. Yaxley sits.

Snape, what news do you have?

They are moving the boy earlier than we anticipated, the twenty seventh is the date I have heard.

Why would they do that? If his protection ends on the thirty-first it would seem foolish to leave any earlier.

The order, believes that we think exactly that way Yaxley. They are moving him earlier as they think that we will go on the thirty-first.

Indeed. I wondered whether... No matter. Yet we should not be too confident. It would be a blow if he left and we were not informed. Where will they be taking him?

The Burrow. But the protection there will be too great to get him. That is, if we fail.

Which is why we must not. I have been too careless where Harry Potter is concerned. That he lives is more of my failure than his triumphs. I must deal with him myself.

There is silence around the table. Draco Malfoy is staring out into space and not paying attention to the meeting.

You will notice, we have a guest with us this evening.

He points upwards where is figure is slowly rotating.

This, is Professor Burbage, who until most recently, taught at Hogwarts school. She also wrote a lengthy article in the Daily Prophet about how muggles should be treated as equals and how we should embrace them. Obviously I couldn't let such a person to miss out on our meeting.

Severus... please....

Were you taught by Burbage, Draco?

Draco turns and shakes his head.

Of course. Burbage taught Muggle Studies. And you are of noble blood. Of course you would not take her subject.

Severus please! Help me!

Snape ignores Burbage. Voldemort withdraws a long thin wand.

Avada Kedavra!

Burbage falls to the table with a crash. The snake slowly falls off Voldemort's shoulders as he says

Dinner, Nagini...



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