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Re: The First Task: Entries Only

This wyrm is from a story that has been living in my head for some time. The first drawing started out as a "spare time" doodle for practice on whatever paper I had handy, which wasn't very good quality (you can see bleedthrough from scribblings on the back, mostly around the dragon's body). I don't draw very often, and I'm not very good at it (It is rather daunting to let the whole internet see my insufficient drawing talent ), so I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out, especially the face. I tried again on better paper, but wasn't able to repeat my success, as this drawing is less detailed, but clearer. The face looks overly cheerful, in my opinion.

In my story, this dragon belongs to a Circe-type witch named Cleosandrexnia, and the scene below it in the first drawing depicts the room in her palace where the dragon appears. The object in the middle of the round marble-columned room is her chaise-longue. In the second picture, the dragon is shown in a simplified version of this habitat.

My dragon is of a new species, having a tail that is much longer and thicker proportionally than is the average dragon's tail. It therefore also partakes of the nature of a giant snake, using its tail to constrict and kill. In my story, Cleosandrexnia wears a dagger charm on her right wrist and a charm of this dragon on her left. When she picks up a charm to use it, it grows in her hand and becomes real. Her primary goal is to live a life of comfort, and she enslaves the souls of unwary travelers (mostly male travelers) by stabbing their hearts with the dagger, leaving the empty bodies free to run around forever bringing her pillows and iced sherbet. When the protagonists fight back against her attempt to enslave them thus, she summons the dragon from the charm on her wrist to attack them, precipitating an exciting chase in and around the columns. The sad and frightening thing about this creature is that it isn't real in an organic sense. It is her creation, and was never hatched. It is more of a "him" than a "her," but remains a soulless "it," devoid of free will.

Extra-special thanks go to LoonyMagic for helping me with the technological wizardry of photobucket. She is thoroughly superlative for generously offering to do so, and might I add her entry is amazing!

P.S. I never did get an answer on whether or not we get points for moral fiber.

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