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Re: The Second Task: Entries Only - members who DID enter the first task

This tale takes place in the early spring of the Marauders' fifth year. I had a lot of fun with it, and, best of all, 1,000 words exactly!

Moonlight Stroll

“Roanna – wait!” Remus half-called, half-whispered into the night. She was too quick for him; lithe as a deer, she had bounded, danced, teased, and led him a merry chase. The bright moon—now one night before full—sufficiently illuminated the grounds so there was little danger of tripping, but also meant that Remus was in no shape for running. He finally lost sight of her and stopped, panting near the eaves of the forest.

This was a distinctly bad idea, he decided. Not that he had known beforehand the invitation he accepted was for a moonlight stroll by the lake, but he might’ve guessed they weren’t staying in the castle when she asked him to meet her in the entrance hall at midnight. He’d been too elated to ask questions, or to remind her that they were both prefects. He privately suspected the studious Ravenclaw was capable of mischief to rival anything the Marauders could dream up, but she wasn’t flashy with it, and had never been caught. He admired her brains and her style.

Presently, he was irritated. He thought he heard her laugh from behind a bush. Moving to investigate, he was startled as she pounced from behind, her grip on his shoulders tightening to pull him back upright as he overbalanced toward the water.

“Careful, slowpoke!” she laughed, amused at his reaction.

“So you decided to join me at last?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at her and trying (unsuccessfully) to look stern.

“Don’t be silly!” She grabbed his hand and towed him to a nearby rock and scrambled onto it, pulling him up behind. “Look! Isn’t it beautiful?” she sighed, gesturing across the silvery lake.

Remus looked. The most noticeable thing about the landscape to him was the sickening quantity of moonlight, which reminded him of his upcoming transformation, which was the night before an exam on Liquidity Charms, for which he should be studying now. “Beautiful” was not the word that sprang to mind.

Ignoring his silence, she chattered on, “The breeze is delicious, too, and the blossoms should open soon; I’m so glad it’s spring! This is my favorite place—I just love to come here when the moon is full and watch the ripples on the lake—sometimes I stay on this rock for hours. Once, I fell asleep, and I’m sure a mermaid sang to me; it was the loveliest dream!” She sighed happily. “I’ve never brought anyone here before,” she added confidentially.

While it didn’t escape him that she was doing him a considerable honor, letting him into her secret, her revelation horrified him. “So, you . . . you come here often? Alone, when the moon is full?” How many times had she lain unprotected on this rock, oblivious to the fact there was an equally oblivious werewolf roaming the vicinity?

“Of course I do. That’s what I just told you.”

“Er, you know, there are . . . dangerous things in the forest. And, well, there’s the squid to consider. What if it came up while you were sleeping here? No one would know what happened to you.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Remus Lupin, I can take care of myself! The squid’s diurnal, by the way, and a vegetarian. Just what are you implying?”

“Nothing! I’m just worried about you, Roanna, that’s all. It’s dangerous out here.”

She considered a moment. “If you’re worried about me going out alone, you can come with me again tomorrow night.” She smiled beguilingly.

“Tomorrow night? What about the Charms exam? Don’t you think we ought to study?”

I’ve already done it. Are you coming with me or am I going alone?”

“What about O.W.L.s?”

“There’s plenty of time left. Why are you making excuses? What, exactly, is it about the idea of taking another moonlight walk with me that you find so distasteful? If you don’t want to come, just say so!”

“No! No! It isn’t that! It’s just . . . I . . . well, I . . . er . . . .”


“I’m allergic to moonlight!” he blurted. While she glared at him, Remus reflected on the sublime stupidity of that statement, but it was too late to take it back now. He wished he hadn’t asked James to borrow the invisibility cloak for getting to the entrance hall. James and Sirius wouldn’t rest until they’d drug the full story out of him. He could hear their reactions now. James would snort “That’s a gem, Moony! Is that honestly the best you could do?” Sirius would be too busy laughing.

Allergic to moonlight?” she hissed. And, without further ceremony, she shoved him into the lake.

By the time he resurfaced, she had vanished. He sighed wearily, wiped off as much algae as possible, and trudged back to the castle. He was halfway across the entrance hall when he noticed the trail of slimy wet footprints he was leaving and realized Roanna had also managed to hit him with Liquidity Charm of Non-Evaporation. Damn it! He didn’t know the counterspell. Now he would have to squelch all the way to the dormitories and hope not to wake anyone before he could look it up in his textbook. With darkening mood, he retrieved the cloak and set off, scourgifying the evidence as he passed.

He backed through the portrait hole and proceeded invisibly across the deserted Gryffindor Common Room, still erasing his footprints behind him. He’d made it to the stairs; the worst was over, Filch couldn’t catch him now. He was going to make it.

“So,” a voice came from a shadowy corner by the fireplace, causing Remus to jump so the cloak slid halfway off him and he slid on the stairs in puddle of lake slime. Sirius leaned casually against the mantelpiece where he had stood the whole time, motionlessly watching his friend’s curious procession across the room. James’s head appeared around the edge of a winged armchair. Both grinned, looking extremely amused.

“How did it go?”

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