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Re: Peter Pettigrew: Character Analysis

This was just posted in the Snape thread by Ignisia. My response didn't have much to do with Snape, so I felt it would be more appropriate to post it here. This is the quote:

Originally Posted by ignisia View Post
Back to Tonk's questions a couple pages ago: Snape's actions vs. Wormtail's.

I would definitely say that Wormtail's actions were worse, for several reasons:
  • Wormtail was quite openly their "friend"
  • He knew all his victims very well and was on their good side
  • He knew exactly who was going to be killed and did it anyway
  • He never felt any remorse for what he did
  • He did not attempt to rectify the situation
I'm not going to argue who was worse, Snape or Peter. Both imo, were bad men overall, for different reasons. The point here that I disagree with is:
He never felt any remorse for what he did.

I find it hard to believe that Peter never regretted or felt bad for what he did to Lily and James. He was a coward, not necessarily a heartless killer, though his cowardly actions did lead to the deaths of his friends. I think he knew what he was doing was bad and he did have his morals in check, but he was a coward and was too scared to do the right thing. I think he did feel miserable after James and Lily's deaths.

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