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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

Originally Posted by lcbaseball22 View Post
Well Harry, you need to be careful. There are a lot of girls out to get you.

Oh Ginny what would Dean say?

I’m talking about Romilda Vane. I was in the girl’s bathroom just before I came here and I overheard her talking to her friends. They’re hoping you’re going to take them to Slughorn’s party, and they all seem to have bought Fred and George’s love potions. I’d just invite someone to go with if I were you.

There isn’t anyone I want to invite except…..

He looks over at Ginny but clears his throat and looks straight ahead again.

Well just be careful what you drink.
This was also BRILLIANT!!! I like how you switched it from Hermione relaying the info to Ginny. You really are doing a WONDERFUL job at the romance part and HINTING! I like the "Oh Ginny, what would Dean say?" and the looks over at Ginny when thinking of who to invite.
That was briliant.

Okay, I'm going to be doing this chronologically.

Philosopher’s Stone:    

The Boy Who Lived
Opens in the clouds. Camera moves forward and passes by the title:

Harry Potter
and the
Philosopher’s Stone

Camera comes down to the Grunnings building as several owls fly by. Comes right to Vernon’s
window. Vernon is facing away from the window, and misses seeing five owls fly by it. He is
talking sternly on the phone.

I don’t care if you have to work every day from now ‘til Christmas! Get it DONE!

Vernon slams the phone down and grumbles all kinds of nonsense to himself. He looks at his
watch and sees that it’s five o’clock. Vernon grabs his briefcase and walks out, passing his

[cheery] Have a wonderful day, Mr. Dursley.

Vernon grunts, and the secretary frowns at him. A man in green robes passes Vernon.

[grumbling] Ruddy kids and their mad fashions.

[to secretary, quietly] Did you hear? About the Potters?

[just as quietly] Yes. What was that about their son, Harry?

Vernon looks a bit panicked, and dashes off before he can hear more. He runs into the elevator.

Cut to the ground floor. Vernon dashes out of the building and runs into a man in violet robes,
knocking him over.

Sorry. [looks and notices the robes, his expression becomes exasperated]

[seeming absolutely thrilled] Don’t be sorry, my friend, for nothing can upset me today! Even
Muggles, such as yourself should rejoice, for You-Know-Who is finally gone! [hugs a very
surprised Vernon] Oh, happy day! [let’s go of Vernon and walks off] Happy, happy day! Bless
you, Harry Potter!
Vernon looks extremely shocked and stands rooted where he stands. Fade to Privet Drive.
Vernon’s car pulls into the driveway of Number 4. Vernon walks out of the car and sees a cat on
the stonewall around the yard.

[to the cat] Shoo. Shoo.

Cat stares at him, as if questioning his sanity. Vernon walks inside with a little more speed than

[while walking inside] Petunia, I’m home.

Petunia walks over to Vernon with a babbling baby Dudley on her hip and kisses him on the

Welcome home. [walking off] What a day. Dudley learned how to say, “Won’t”. He is the
smartest little boy, make no mistake. And I have to tell you, Mrs. Shwartz is having the biggest...

Vernon looks outside as his wife rambles and sees three owls fly by. He closes the door and
nervously bites his lower lip and walks into the kitchen.

...Bubbles? Who names their cat “Bubbles”? Raving mad that woman is! Could use more sense
in her life.

[clears his throat]’t hear from...your sister lately, have you?

[looking as if her whole day was ruined] NO! Why?

Funny stuff happening. Owls everywhere. Funny looking folks in town. I just thought it might
have something to do with her crowd.

Petunia sips her tea, looking absolutely miffed.

Er...their son would be about Dudley’s age now, wouldn’t he? What was his name again?

Harry. Nasty, common name if you ask me.

Fade out on a very nervous Vernon.

Let me know what you think.

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