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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

I thought of a better opening for "Philosopher's Stone".

Philosopher’s Stone:    

Airial shot over a village, that is Godric's Hollow. Theme music plays lightly and voices can be heard, as if from the wind.

JAMES: Lily, take Harry and run! It's him! I'll hold him off!

LILY: Don't worry, Harry. Mommy is here.

VOLDEMORT: Stand aside. You need not die.


VOLDEMORT: Stand aside, you fool.

LILY: NO! Not Harry! Don't take Harry! Kill me instead!

The camara turned to the second story window of one of the houses and moves towards it quickily.

VOLDEMORT: As you wish! Avada Kadavra!

As Voldemort says, "Kadavra", the camara "phases" through the glass. Lily falls to the floor, dead. Harry says something "baby-ish".

The camara pans to Voldemort, who is wearing a jet-black cloak that covers most of his face. He slowly walks to the crib. When he stops only a few feet from the crib, the gleam of two red eyes breaks the shadow of his hood. Harry cries.

Voldemort raises his wand and smiles evilly.

VOLDEMORT: Naither can live, while the other servives...[points his wand at Harry]

Cut to the exterior of the house, which is silent for a moment. But the silence is interupted by an explosion from Harry's room. the camara moves into the wreckage. Voldemort is nowhere to be seen and Harry is laying down, apparently knocked out. As the camara comes closer, a lighting-bolt shaped scar becomes visible on Harry's forehead.

The music picks up again and the title appears.

What do you think?

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