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Hermione Granger
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Re: Hermione Granger / Neville Longbottom for Minister for Magic

Dear Neville,

As you might imagine, Rosie was enchanted with her rose card - and the card is now on the wall right next to her bed - next to a few others from you! You always know exactly how to charm that little girl! Of course, you also had to pick the sweetest little owl. Took me some time to convince Rosie that she had to let him go again!

I spent part of today in Dorset - the weather was lovely and I had a great time! Abbotsbury was on my route and so I thought I might as well drop in, since we had been talking about it!

It's a very beautiful village....

There are quite a few wizarding families around there, and we met up in one of their houses. You know, that's what I love about this campaign. All those small close-knit communities - of course, that kind of life comes with conflicts as well as familiarity and lasting relationships, but when an 'outsider' such as this ministerial candidate comes along, they all get together and are just so much more hospitable than most muggles would (or could!) be in a similar situation. I am really enjoying this.....

Here is a picture of the Abbots' house.... from what they say, you must know it quite well!

James and Lucretia Abbot were SO proud that their niece's husband is standing for Minister - I guess I owed that particularly lovely Dorset cream tea just to my connection with you! Is the whole family from Abbotsbury, by the way? I am sure the local muggles point at the ruined monastery nearby to explain the name - and all the time the village is actually named after an ancient wizarding family? I am amused about this! I hope to get to a good library soon to read more about it!

I guess that your visits there explain how you came up with Abbotsbury as a location for the International Wizarding Research Institute/University? The castle site you are thinking of is not just magical in all the right ways (Iron Age hill fort - excellent!), it also has a great view, and I have to say, the coast nearby makes wizarding transport issues easier. Definitely worth considering.

Your relatives are of course enthusiastic - but I hope you know that the other wizarding families in the area are rather sceptical. They get on well with their muggle neighbours and they think that an influx of lots of foreign wizards won't go unnoticed and will cause problems. I can see that point. We'll have to consider this carefully, and obviously talk to the locals in all the possible locations before we draw up a more definite proposal.

I'll try to visit the other sites you suggested as well, to see how they'd work for the University project! I know you have one or two favourites which I haven't yet seen.

Anyway, James and Lucretia say hello!

Isn't the place just so pretty in the autumn sun?

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