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Re: Hermione Granger / Neville Longbottom for Minister for Magic

Originally Posted by wimblemimble View Post
Well, I wouldn't say anyone would try to rely on your campaign to promote them (after all, I've been busy with the Severus campaign, which is why I simply can't follow Neville around to all of his rallies-- I only know what gets reported ), but if your giving away free plugs I would have liked to get in on it!
If you're really interested in plugs, you should talk to Arthur. I hear he has quite a collection. Be sure to specify if you want 2 or 3 prong variety.

On a more serious note:
I've got another report from the trail. This was a visit we did to St. Mungo's. One of the reasons I think several of our team voted for the Wolfsbane charity was it was similar to one we had seriously considered. This tells where we got the idea.

St. Mungo's trip with Hermione:    

I followed Hermione into St. Mungo’s and our first stop was the Werewolf Care unit. As it was just two days after the full moon, it was filled nearly to capacity. I was amazed at the number of patients. I had thought with Greyback long gone from the scene, that there wouldn’t be so many any more, but found out otherwise to my dismay. I learned that there are still many who get bitten—both accidentally by people who have no place to go to keep others safe from them—and, unfortunately, still some who are deliberately bitten nearly every month by people like Greyback, eager to seek vengeance against innocent people for what happened to them.

"Can't this be stopped?" I cried, looking at a small red-haired child that reminded me of the Weasleys. How would Molly or Arthur feel if one of their precious children or grandchildren were to be bitten?

“It’s difficult,” a healer pointed out. “We can’t just round them up every month. Some register with the Ministry as they should and are brought in here for their own and others’ safety each month, but there are so many who don’t.”

“Why not?” I wondered aloud.

“Many are afraid. They fear being locked up for good or charged with not registering or injuring others…even if it was done accidentally. Some hear rumors that we experiment on them against their will. Some are so angry at what has happened to them that they want to take it out on other innocents. We can’t seem to make everyone understand that harming other innocents doesn’t help them at all.”

“But they can get help here,” I protested.

“Not all of them are willing to accept that help for one reason or another,” the kindly healer admitted.

This was an education for me, but Hermione obviously understood the problems lycanthropes faced and tried to help explain them to me.

“I think about Remus,” Hermione admitted. “What might have happened to him if he hadn’t had parents willing to keep him safe each month? What if Dumbledore hadn’t been willing to let him come to Hogwarts and been able to find a safe place for him each month? What if he hadn’t had friends willing to become illegal animagi in order to help him stay more sane and in control each month? What if his parents had abandoned him? What if he had not had anywhere to go? What if people had shunned him as a child like they did when he was an adult?"

Hermione tried to keep her composure, but I saw a tear trickle down her cheek as she continued, "That little girl over there could be Rose. We must find a way of stopping this from continuing to happen while still allowing these innocent victims to retain their rights and self-respect.”

“The wolfsbane potion helps some, but we still have to keep them inside and away from the light of the full moon,” the healer admitted. “It helps, but it isn’t a cure. What a friend of mine finds most exciting, however, is a bit of research he’s trying to work on in his own little lab based off some muggle ideas of immunizations. He’s trying to find a vaccine that will keep people from being infected. He’s been studying the case of Bill Weasley and trying to see if he can use prevention to stop people from being infected…or at least from developing the worst symptoms.”

Hermione immediately perked up. “What’s this? I haven’t heard of this.” She whipped out a scroll and began furiously writing notes for Neville.

The healer explained what she understood of her friend's plans, ending with, “A lot of people don’t take it too seriously. Many wizards think muggles don’t know anything, but my friend thinks they have a lot of good ideas about preventative medicine that we could learn from.”

“Of course we could. I’ll have to have Neville get in touch with this healer and see if he can help in the research and university projects Neville is working on. There is nothing wrong with working on alternative medicine like this. Oh, Neville will be so excited when he hears this.”

“Now, don’t get your hopes up too much, Ms. Granger. My friend can’t make a lot of progress and he isn’t always sure where he’s going, to be honest,” the healer smiled apologetically.

“It doesn’t matter. At least he’s trying. That’s what we need. Nothing ever got invented by someone who didn’t try.” She got some information on the researcher’s name and address to pass on to Neville, then we moved on to the vampire treatment unit.

They were just finishing a fresh batch of potion for the blood-flavored lollipops used to treat the craving vampires have for human blood. Although we were offered a free taste and assured it wouldn’t hurt us, we politely declined. A representative from the Society for Tolerance of Vampires arrived to pick up the potion and asked us for more voter registration cards and campaign literature, which we were happy to provide. We spoke with her for awhile about the great acceptance Vampires were getting due to high-profile spokesmen like Lorcan d’Eath. It really helped the average vampire be seen as something more than a fearsome monster and their membership rolls were really expanding, she told us excitedly. They viewed this election as a tremendous opportunity to make their voices heard and not be left on the outside looking in any longer.

"Mrs. Granger-Weasley has helped our kind make terrific strides, but this is a wonderful chance for us to each make our mark...on something besides someone's neck," he grinned.

Hermione chuckled, but I just grinned (it was probably more of a grimace) and swallowed hard. Hermione noticed and tried to reassure me. "That potion is great. It totally takes away their craving for the blood."

Ms. VanPier agreed. "I haven't tasted of human or any mammal blood for several years and don't miss it a bit. It was just a joke."

I ducked my head, ashamed that I had shown how far the vampires had yet to go. "Thank you and please forgive me. I'd just never seen a vampire in person before."

"Think nothing of it. We're used to much worse treatment."

"But you shouldn't be. You work so hard to change that image and overcome such a horrible curse. That should be rewarded. You shouldn't be shunned."

"That is slowly changing," she admitted. "I believe this election could help a great deal. There are many candidates who are trying very hard to help vampires and others. Change is difficult and takes time, but it is coming. And we intend to help it arrive," she said, waving a handful of registration forms and campaign literature.

"Be sure to check out all the candidates for the best one!" Hermione called as Ms. VanPier left.

Next, we moved on to visit some of the other people who had been admitted for various injuries and ailments and asked them about their experiences and what they thought needed to be improved in regards to health care. Hermione was thrilled with the information she came away with and eager to meet with Neville to discuss new ideas.

From this visit, we got the idea of a chain of clinics to help werewolves, vampires, and others of all species...especially those who couldn't easily make it to the heart of London to St. Mungo's. While we ended up going with WizKids, instead, this idea was dear to all our hearts. I'm sure it will eventually become part of the university/research (especially medical research) facilities we are putting together at Tyneham. I hope we hear good news on that front soon!


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