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Professor Snape
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Re: Severus Snape and Molly Weasley: Brewing up a Bright Future

How is it that I, a former Death Eater, presume to stand for election as Minister of Magic? My experiences and background uniquely qualify me for this position. I was raised among Muggles in a northern industrial town by my parents, a witch and a Muggle, and attended Hogwarts, where I attained both my OWLs and NEWTs. After I finished school, I became a follower of Lord Voldemort; more, one of his inner circle. Actions I took while in his service led to the deaths of innocent people, and their blood is on my hands, to my everlasting regret. Yet, during what is now known as the first Voldemort War, I came to understand the evil into which I had fallen, so I chose to do something about it. I approached Albus Dumbledore, and undertook to serve as his spy among the Death Eaters, a commitment I kept until my death on Voldemort’s orders in the hour preceding the final stand of the Battle of Hogwarts. I am familiar both with the Muggle world and with the wizard world, and I have been in the counsels of both the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix. It is the perspective I gained from these experiences that suits me to continue the work of Minister Shacklebolt to strengthen and restore Wizarding Britain from the divisions and harm caused by the Voldemort years.

From these experiences I gained a strong conviction that a Dark Wizard such as Voldemort, and the ideology of wizarding purity that he spread, must never again be permitted to hold sway in our society. Having lived on both sides of the conflict, I have a unique perspective on how this is best prevented. If I am elected, ensuring there will be no place for such an evil to grow in our society again will be the top priority of my administration. I propose a number of programs to further this aim:
• The work of the Auror Office and Magical Law Enforcement to identify and prosecute any criminals from the Voldemort era that remain at large will continue.
• The Ministry will institute programs to foster the integration of Muggle-raised wizards into society.
• We will approach other governments to form a framework for international cooperation against Dark Wizards.
• We will disband the Ministry’s Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. All Ministry contact with sentient non-humans will go through a new Department of Inter-Species Cooperation, and the nature of that contact shall reflect the wishes of each non-human community of the British Isles.

I was also, for many years, a teacher, Head of House, and Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I value the propagation and creation of magical knowledge, and will pursue policies to further both.
• We will work with other governments to form an international research group of talented wizards and witches to focus on problems that affect wizards everywhere.
• We will work to establish, in cooperation with the Ministries of other countries, a Wizarding University for interested graduates of Europe’s Wizarding secondary schools.

I am very pleased that Mrs. Molly Weasley has joined forces with me. Her loyalty to the Order and Albus Dumbledore were impressive, and I have no hesitation in placing my trust in her. She will faithfully act on my behalf so long as the policies I pursue are in the best interests of the wizard world, and her boundless energy, amply demonstrated by her raising of the seven Weasley children and full participation in the Order of the Phoenix during the second Voldemort War, are especially appreciated by me due to the limitations I face as a portrait. She will be my eyes, ears and hands in places my physical form cannot reach.

The mother and grandmother of a large family, Molly Weasley has insights and experiences I do not that bring diversity to the ticket. Nonetheless, we share similar views and are united in common goals. She shares my commitment to education, a value she has passed on to her children, among whom were two Hogwarts Head boys and several Hogwarts Quidditch stars. We both, in our own ways, fought with the Order of the Phoenix to oppose the Pureblood ideology that divided wizards from other beings, and deprived Muggleborn wizards of their magical birthright. Finally, as the mother and sister of victims of Voldemort, she shares my commitment to ensure that such evils will not be repeated.

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