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Neville Longbottom
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Re: Hermione Granger / Neville Longbottom for Minister for Magic

Hermione, please read the fine print of this agreement Percy sent with his letter. I donít think they really expect us to accept or be able to fulfill their conditions. In return for access to the village of Tyneham, we had to promise that no modern conveniences would be allowed to spoil the village. Anyone living there would have to do so without electricity. (That obviously isnít a problem, as there will be far too many magical folks living there for anything electrical to work.) We also had to promise to rebuilt Tyneham House, an Elizabethan Mansion originally built in 1523, as it had been before the war, and do so in less than a year, or lease reverts back to MoD and we lose all improvements made with no compensation. Iím sure they donít expect us to be able to do this.

In spite of magical assistance, this will take quite a bit of work. It will take us most of that year to find enough pictures that show what the inside is supposed to look like, but once we have the information, the actual building shouldnít take long, thanks to magical assistance. Of course, even if we canít get it quite done, we can make it appear so until we can totally finish. It can be used for executive staff living quarters when itís done.

In the meantime, there are lots of pictures of the smaller cottages, and they shouldnít be hard to rebuild. I have contacted scholars from around the world and found many who are eager to relocate and help found the university. They are willing to forgo all use of magic during the weekends when muggle tourists will be aroundÖor at least confine said magic to the hidden university grounds. We will leave one cottage as is and post signs that muggles cannot enter, just to show what we had to start with and to remember that part of Tynehamís history. That can be the main entry to the university. The phone booth can work as a secondary entrance or perhaps staff entrance. The university itself will be located in the artillery range where the unexploded ordinance now keeps the area off limits. That can appear to remain as it nowÖto muggles. It should be no problem to clear the area of dangerous materials and hide the buildings just as Hogwarts is hidden with charms. Muggle-repelling charms will ensure that no muggles accidentally wander in by mistake.

We can start off with the main medical research building and a hall with classrooms. I will donate my personal collection of plants from my greenhouse to start off that project. Some of my colleagues have also volunteered unique plants from their collections as well. The researcher that you found through your trip to St. Mungoís has agreed to relocate as soon as we have a place for him and is thrilled with the thought of having a real lab to use for his research into preventing/curing lycanthropy.

Iíve also managed to find several squibs, muggle relatives of witches/wizards and wizarding families who are willing to work the fields with old-fashioned implements, fish Worbarrow Bay, and generally keep the village going as it was 100 years ago! (This will fulfill another of the MoDís requirements!)

Iím getting more excited by the day, Hermione! We can start rebuilding Tyneham Village now that we have permission and begin construction on the university itself as soon as we can clear the land of the mines and explosives.

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