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Re: Severus Snape and Molly Weasley: Brewing up a Bright Future

A Brighter Future Through Health and Social Welfare Programmes

  • Care Centres will be set up to provide support and development aid for all werewolf children. Younger children abandoned by their parents as a result of their affliction would be offered a permanent home in one of these centres. Children who live with their parents or guardians can also be accommodated there, if the adults are unable to have the children at home during the full moon, and can receive treatment with the Wolfsbane Potion on an outpatient basis if that is preferred by their parents or guardians.
  • The Ministry will also provide a safe place for adult werewolves. Here they can stay during the transformation period, when many feel weakened and ill, in addition to spending the full moon without any fear of being ridiculed or judged.
  • St Mungos will be provided with a fund so the Wolfsbane Potion would be supplied free to every man, woman and child who has been bitten. The Ministry would preserve the confidentiality of the patients, if the patients so wish. To further our idea that nobody afflicted by Lycanthropy should suffer unduly as a result of this condition, we intend to make it a civil offence to discriminate against werewolves.
  • We will enter into talks with the current Head of Hogwarts, which we would like to be open to werewolf children. We will work alongside the teachers to ensure those affected would receive care for their condition through an outreach clinic of the Care Centre located near Hogwarts. Care will also be made accessible at ADIEU -- The Albus Dumbledore International Enchantment University. Further research will take place here, with a view to finding a permanent cure for this condition.
Orphanage/Care Centre
We have plans to initiate an orphanage combined with a care centre, for those children who are in need of shelter and safety, due to the lose of family, neglect or abandonment. This would serve as an extension to the Care Centre plan of action, and would provide more integration, care and acceptance for those children finding themselves without domestic support in their hardest times. These children will be provided with caregivers, warmth and medical support with respect to their condition. This would ensure that they are neither forgotten nor abandoned, as many before them have been.

A Jumper for Every Child
The 'Jumper' charity will provide clothes for the children in the Orphanages and Care Centres, both homemade jumpers and other useful articles to make all children feel welcome and appreciated.

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