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Re: Severus Snape and Molly Weasley: Brewing up a Bright Future

These are letters Severus and Molly have recieved during the campaign

Professor Slughorn:    

My Dear Severus,

How delightful to hear from you, and what an amazing coincidence! It so happens that yesterday I spoke of you in a conversation with Mrs. Abernathy-Burke. She is, as of course you know, the current President of the Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers. Such a talented woman, and most sociable too. She frequently arranges for me to speak at the Society’s annual conference, which this year was held in Budapest. She had invited me along with a select group of attendees to most delightful little restaurant that could be imagined, with a fine view of the Danube and a Tokaj on their wine list that may be the choicest dessert wine I have tasted. I plan to visit the vineyard before heading back to England to obtain a case, I think it will go smashingly with crystallized pineapple.

“I taught Severus Snape, you know,” I told her. “He is a first-rate mind, a deep and creative thinker. I always knew that boy would go far. His recent book is most impressive, particularly the exposition of theory and how it affects the choice of ingredient and stirring technique.”

But enough about me, my dear fellow! I know you want my opinion on your campaign! Indeed, the same creativity I mentioned to an august group of international potioneers is on display in your educational programme:


We propose an exchange program where Muggleborns can spend time in a Wizarding household and vice versa.

A third idea focuses on internships within the Ministry for fifth year students and above. Molly and I believe this will be a fine addition to the career advice given at Hogwarts. Students who are interested in Ministry work will get hands-on experience and help from the professional who work within.
These are capital ideas, Severus! It is never too early to start forging connections, I always say. And the Muggleborns are at a disadvantage in this, though you and I both know, of course, that great witches and wizards have come from that background.


A similar idea is creating a International Wizarding University that can help students further their education in their desired fields.

Brilliant idea, this! Minister Andras Babai, a real up and comer in the Hungarian Ministry and a dear friend, heads the Hungarian Department for the Regulation and Promotion of Magical Research. He gave the welcoming address at the conference. We chatted at teatime later that day, and he was lamenting the dearth of opportunities for international collaboration by Wizarding scholars. Your proposed University, in additional to the valuable educational opportunities it would afford to students, would serve as an ongoing center for such activities. He would be an excellent contact for your administration, as you work to get this idea implemented.

I wish you the best in your campaign. Do pass on my regards to the delightful Molly Weasley, as well.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. H. E. F. Slughorn, Ret.

Remus Lupin:    


Dear Molly,

What a pleasure it is to hear from you. I can always count on you to tell us how our son, Teddy, is doing. My hope is that he has a more peaceful world to grow up in than Tonks and I did. I am not surprised that you are planning to run for office as Deputy Minister. You are a determined person and will work hard to achieve your goals.

I would like to comment on these parts of your letter:


Severus and I each feel that all children need to be integrated more in the wizarding world, to avoid feelings of isolation at a young age.

To this end, Severus himself suggests programs to more fully introduce Muggle-raised children into Wizard society, as well as opening Hogwarts to all students affected by Lycanthropy. In aid of this, he also presses to provide Wolfsbane Potion to all those who wish to receive it. No child will be forgotten in the Snape/Molly administration, Remus. That’s a promise.

I am gratified to see that Severus wants to improve life for the children that feel isolated. It isn’t easy being different from others . Muggle raised children need someone to tell them why they can do things that others can’t do. Their parents cannot explain what they don’t understand. A program to make sure that these children are contacted early in their lives is one that I would support.

Wolfsbane Potion made my life bearable. I was grateful to Severus for providing it during my year of teaching at Hogwarts. Every werewolf who wants to take the potion should have access to it. Severus knew how important it was to me and took great care in preparing it. I am sure that he would take great care with this program, too.

I wish you the best of luck with your campaign. Say hello to Arthur and all the members of your impressive family for us. Would you please give Teddy a hug and tell him it is from us.

Your friend,


Professor McGonagall:    


Dear Severus,

First of all, I would like to take a moment to congratulate you for your recent win in the latest Exit Poll; you and Molly have worked hard, and I truly believe you deserve your moment in the spotlight.

I've been reading about your platform; your plans and ideas, and I find them very interesting. I particularly approve of your plans to integrate muggle-born children to the wizarding society in a more comprehensive way; this was one of Albus' ambitions, so I'm glad to see you decided to work on that.

I also enjoyed your ideas in regards to Hogwarts and the education system in general; I'm sure that, if elected, you and Molly will do everything you can to enhance our students' experiences and possibilities.

I am deeply interested in many aspects of your proposed platform, so I will be following the elections closely and, when the times comes, I'll consider you as a worthy candidate to give my vote to.

Thank you for taking some time to inform you about some aspects of your campaign; I know you must be extremely busy right now.

Best of luck to you and Molly,

Minerva McGonagall


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