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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

Bravo! I love your use of a house elf for breaking in the Headmaster's office!
What about giving Snape this line when he discovers Ginny?

Snape: Are you going to stick that into a stone, Miss Weasley?
Ginny drops her head in defeat.

Can I get in?

random deathly hallows scenes:    

List of the scenes:
Malfoy Manor and killing of Sybill Trelawney, not Charity Burbage.
Dursleys Departing and Seven Potters scene with Neville, Luna and Flitwick replacing Bill, Fleur and Mundungus.
Arrival at rhe Burrow, Harry knows that Dumbledore included him in his Will, but the Ministry is holding the Will's back.
Then Kingsley's linx arrives as they are at Harry's birthday party.
Straight to 12 Grimmauld Place, and Lily's letter, no Regulus, as they find the real Locket in the Cave.
Trio plans the Ministry Heist to retrieve Dumbledore's will, convinced that will be something important to destroy the Locket and find other Horcruxes.
Ron's leaving (Bye Ron! Bye!) camping trip montage with changing gorgeous locations.
Harry and Hermione in Godric's Hollow hear in a pub the goblins talking about the fake sword, and Ginny who attempted to steal the sword on her own.
We see flashbacks of it as they talk.
Visit to Potter Cottage, where James and Lily's memorial stands,
Nagini comes out from Lily's head and Voldemort appears while Hermione's spell destroys everything, then they disapparate at once.
Broken wand, Silver Doe, Locket's destruction by Ron who's back, for the Deluminator has the power to make people find their loved ones (where your treasure lies there will your heart be also 'elaborated'), Potterwatch, capture and cut to Malfoy Manor.
Reunion with Luna and Ollivander (No Dean): they work out the deathly hallows, when Hermione is called to torture.
Wormtail goes to fetch Harry, apparently to torture him too, but Peter dear dies just like in the book.
Attack on the Malfoys, Trio +Luna+ Olivander manage to get a wand, so they're able to disapparate to Lupin and Tonks's Cottage.
Luna and Steve Kloves die, and they bury them alongside a grave where we briefly read 'May you be at peace Bill and Fleur Weasley.'
Harry writes on Luna's grave 'Here lies Luna, a free mind'.
Ollivander's questioning, where he explains the Elder Wand affair: Voldemort stole it from James but immediately lost it after Lily's death-Dumbledore kept it and it's buried with him, at safe (yeah).
Harry 'sees' the wand's theft.
They plan the Bank Heist with Lupin (yes, I killed Griphook too, maybe I'd show a glimpse of his dead body at Malfoy Manor), Harry and Lupin argue: "Dads should stay with their kids! stay here with your multicoloured cub!" Ron and Hermione polijuice themselves into Lucius and Bellatrix.
Meeting with Snape (hello!), stupefying of Snape after he erased the effects of Polijuice on HeRon, he wants to help, but, alas Harry has the stupefy spell by default when snape's around.
An imperiused random goblin opens the vault and they steal the cup.
They break free with the dragon's help.
After the Bank Heist, on the Dragon's spine, Harry has the vision of Voldemort learning about the Cup's theft, and Harry finds out the Last Horcrux is in Hogwarts..
They land, ready to destroy the Cup, when they realize that in the chaos, the pathos, the fear of escaping from the bank...they lost the sword in the Lestrange's Vault...
General frustration, but they disapparate to Hogsmeade anyway.
Meeting with Aberforth who tells them how Ariana was instable and died (flashbacks!flashbacks!flashbacks!) killed by a dark fanatic brother in law obsessed by the Elder Wand, that is an evil object and that Harry shouldn't use it, in fact he should fly to Mars with HeRon and hide.
But by Harry's pleading to help, Aberforth recalls something funny.
Tthe day before Albus died, he came to pay him visit, and he said something very strange as he left:'Bye brother, if tomorrow I don't drown in the Black Lake, I should make a trip down the old chamber of secrets too'
The trio understands istantly that ,the diadem of ravenclaw, the last possible horcrux is in there.
They enter the castle from the secret passage in the hog's head, but are found by Snape which again seems willing to help, but McGonagall arrives, and Snape does a bunk.
Lord Voldemort arrives, the death eaters too, the giants also, and the battle begins.
McGonagall plans the battle as a diversion, so that the trio can get down in the chamber undisturbed.
Cut! the Trio in the Chamber, Hermione destroys the cup with a basilisk fang, when GREEN LIGHT misses her by an inch, for Draco, Crabbe and Goyle followed them.
Fyendfire or whatsitsname everywhere, the chamber of secrets is on fire tonight, and the diadem of ravenclaw too.
Crabbe and Goyle die.
Cut to the battle in the castle, Fred dies, Lupin dies, and Bellatrix kills Tonks.
Harry 'sees' voldemort in the Shack.
The trio goes to the Shriecking Shack for Nagini, and they assist to Snape's death.
As Snape dies, the thoughts who leave forever his body enter in Harry's mind.
He watches all the prince's tale, with Lily and Snape as a broken couple, the elder wand affair, snape's remorse, the silver doe from Snape PoV, and Harry returns to reality, as Snape says ' her...eyes'
The trio leaves the SS, but as dementors attack, the trio gets separated.
Harry meets Ginny and tells her to kill the snake.
The forest again, just like in the book.
Then King's Cross where Dumbledore explains that it's for the wand to decide which master to serve, Voldemort holds it only in his hands, but that means nothing.
Narcissa lie to Voldemort, as in the book
Voldemort goes barefeet in the park with Harry's body.
Ginny kills the snake.
Battle continues in the Park, not in the Castle.
McGonagall kills Bella (Bella: d'you need a wheelchair, old hag? Minerva: No, but you need a coffin, you *itch! Bella: *dead*)
Harry faces Voldemort and the wand destroys Voldemort by killing him of remorse.

Shot of Harry raising the Elder Wand and having a Braveheart scream.
General endings: Harry leaves the elder wand on his father's grave.
McGonagall puts Snape's portrait on a wall in the headmaster's office, Ginny and Harry and HeRon take turns to adopt Teddy Lupin.
They all take their children to Hogwarts Express.
The movie ends.

Ministry Heist script (polijuice-free)

Harry: We do it tomorrow!
HeRon: tomorrow?
H: I'm scared the Minister could lock the safe-box of Dumbledore's Will in Gringotts, there's no safer place than it, except Hogwarts, and we can't just walk into Hogwarts nowadays and leave as we like.
Ron: You aren't serious Harry?
H: More than ever.
CUT!They're outside the British Defence Minister, the entrance visitor isn't there anymore, two guards with SECRECY SENSORS stand outside the public toilets outside the Muggle Minister, the toilets leading to the Atrium of the MINISTER OF MAGIC.
They put the cloak on in an invisible corner of the street, leave the feet sticking out, - Hermione's voice wispering 'engorgio' - feet disappear -
Harry: great idea, Hermione!
RON: we'll never get past the sensors
HARRY: It's our only chance ...
Camera follows where the invisible trio is supposed to be. The sensors don't do anything. Inside, in some secluded spot: Trio throws of the cloak...
RON: How did you do that?
HARRY: it's the cloak!
HERMIONE: they don't usually do that. I was seriously ready to apparate us all out as soon as they caught us!
They look at the toilets.
Hermione:"We have to flush orselves in?'
Ron:'Looks like it, each of us puts a foot, alright?'

They zoom down and emerge out of a fireplace into the Atrium.
Ron:'Get up! get up!'
Hermione: Umbridge's office - level 1, right?
RON: right!

She gazes up to Harry's point of view, where a GIGANTIC STATUE OF WIZARDS AND WITCHES sitting on muggles stands in the place of the Fountain of Magical Breathen, engraved at the base of the statue , are the words: MAGIC IS SUPREMACY.

Ron:'wake up! an empty lift, let's throw ourselves in!"

And so they do, as the lift clatters down to level one, but it stops halfway: the doors open.
The trio is terrified, they flat themselves on the lift's backwall, not even daring to breathe.
A pink-dressed witch pops out.

Umbridge: "Ah Mafalda! Travers sent you, did he? Good, you'll do perfectly well, so now Commission is complete! we can start the daily registration of Mudbloods straight-away, down to my office we go! Yaxley will join us in minutes!"

And so Umbridge and Mafalda enter the lift, as the trio continues to stay flat against the wall, dead-scared, under the cloak.

We follow the five figures as they enter Umbridge's office, who leaves the door open.
Harry's faces looks at them from everywhere for the room is full of his photos, with the writing: 'Undesirable Number One' and 'Wanted for Questioning about Dumbledore's Will'

Umbridge:'I just need a thing, Mafalda, and then I'm ready.'
She takes a safebox whit a writing on the top: A.P.W.B.D.

The Trio smiles with excitement, about to raise their wands, but then they're forced to back themselves to a wall again, for a tall and menacing man enters the room.

Yaxley grins:'Always carring it with you, Madame Umbridge?' pointing at the safebox.

Umbridge: 'Sure, I can't wait for the day that boy comes here to steal it, he's stupid enough to try, you don't know how much I crave a meeting with him.' as she puts it in her bag.

The trio exchanges looks.
The six figures come out, they walk down a corridor, where Yaxley suddenly stops and opens a trapdoor.
A spiral staircase leads down to a dungeon, it is circular, claustrophobic and gives the sense of being stuck at the bottom of a deep well.
Dementors circle the walls, the accused are already there, each of them sitting with a Dementor on their backs.
Even though the spiral staircase leads much further down, the accusers and the trio stop to an open space with a balustrade.
But the Trio is paralyzed on the first steps, not even attempting to stay tall, for the silence of the room is unnatural.
Umbridge casts a Patronus Cat to protect herself, Yaxley and Mafalda, and unwittingly, the Trio.
The interrogation begins with Mary Elizabeth Cattermole, sitting in the middle of the room, between two Dementors.
She holds a weak lamp in her shaking hands to enlighten her, which prevents the Dementors to get too near her face.
Umbridge makes fun of her humble origins, accusing her of theft of a wand, and fake i.d.
Mary cries out for justice and an impartial trial.

But Umbridge thinks otherwise:" So, we have falsification of family tree, stealing of a wand, illegal attendance to Hogwarts and by consequence to unfair aknowledgement of magic, and since you're a mother, corruption and sedition of young children...tut tut...that's a Dementor's kiss matter!"

Umbridge takes the Deluminator from the safebox in her bag, lust and eagerness in her face.
Harry recognizes istantly Albus's signature on the spine.
Umbridge is about to turn off Cattermole's lamp, so she will be Dementors's prey when...

'That's pretty Dolores!" Mafalda exclaims pointing at the Deluminator.

'What?' snaps Umbridge 'Oh yes! An old family heirloom'
She says patting the Deluminator spine.
'The writing says Dumberton...I am related to the Dumbertons...indeed, there are few pure blood families to whom I am not related, a pity that the same can't be said for Mrs Cattermole here'

Harry whispers: STUPEFY!!!!

Hermione and Ron point their wands to Yaxley and Mafalda and do the same, as they take the Cloak off themselves.

Ron:'But the plan was...'

Harry:Should I have left her use a Dumbledore's creation to kill and to boast her pure blood trash?!

Hermione: 'Harry! Mrs Cattermole'

They look down and Mrs Cattermole is about to be kissed, when three patronuses, an otter, a stag and a fox terrier dog attack them.

Ron: 'Hermione what are you doing?!'

Hermione: 'If she wakes up and DD's will is gone...I 'll make her think the theft's gone wrong: GEMINO!"

Harry throws himself down the spiral staircase as the stag shields him from the scared dementors, who shake and slam against the walls trying the escape.
Harry leads the accused up to safety.

The Trio runs with the accused, and the patronuses, up the staircase, and to the corridors, when the alarm RINGS.

Ron: that's not good!that's not good!that's not good!that's not good!

Everything is noise and chaos, the alarm is ear-splitting, the lifts are blocked so they're forced to use the stairs to the Atrium.

Harry:"Ron! Hermione! HIDE UNDER THE CLOAK!"

They reach the Atrium, it looks like it's exploding around them, guards are sealing the fireplaces.

Harry screams REDUCTO, to the guard sealing the last fireplace.
A Flash of white light then blood everywhere.
Harry:'everyone go! leave the Country! you'll have no right trial in here!'

Green light hits Mrs Cattermole, who falls to the ground, dead.
Mr Cattermole runs back to his dead wife, but he gets hit too, and falls dead to the ground just like her.

From behind the statue, Umbridge and a mass of people runs toward them.
A shower of spells hit the fireplace from where they're escaping.
Umbridge is the first to get near, fury and victory in her eyes.
Harry spuns for a few seconds before shooting up out of a toilet into a cubicle.

Umbridge just appears in the next cubicle.

'LET'S GO!' Harry shouts as he seizes Hermione by the hand and Ron by the arm and turns on the spot, as Umbridge jumps with all her strength and lands on Hermione and Ron, invisible to her.


Close up of Hermione's hand tightening on Harry's (we see the scars 'I must not tell lies), while the handy camera spins around like madness, and the screen becomes finally BLACK.

Every error that people make is repeated over and over again, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, as if they know what they are doing and cannot help themselves.

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