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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

Thank you JAI!
I can totally see Daniel Radcliffe shouting that line!

Now this is my version of the Tale of the Three Brothers.
I have this idea that they're reading it with Luna (giving to her Xeno's lines) and Ollivander, in Malfoy Manor Dungeon, right after the capture.
And then they're brought upstairs to the Malfoys and Bella, and downstairs again as Hermione gets tortured.

Tale of the Three Brothers:    

Harry, Ron, Hermione talk to Luna and Ollivander about DD's will.

Luna: Hermione... did Dumbledore say that this book will help you to understand and accept Death?

Hermione: Yes, even though I don't see how, it's a book of fairytales.

Luna: True, but there's one about Death.

Olivander: Yes, the tales of the three brothers.

Hermione opens the book at The Tale's part and shouts in bewilderement:'Harry do you recognize it?'

Harry:'The symbol that was on my parents's grave!'

Hermione: 'And it was on another grave too, the one of Ignotus Peverell!'

Luna: 'Are you referring to the sign of the Deathly Hallows?'

Hermione: 'Could this be this so called sign, Luna?' (showing to her the book)

Luna sees the sign on the page:'But then you have been misleading me Hermione! I thought you were new to the Hallows Quest!'

Hermione:'Er...what quest is this?'

Luna:'You have the book, why don't you read it aloud and then I explain'

Hermione raises an eyebrow, and winks to Ron to turn the deluminator on.

As a sphere of light pops out from Deluminator, it becomes the sun, ready to set in a valley parted by a river.

We are following three brothers, trekking a dangerous rocky road, they're bearded, and dressed up in a Middle-Aged fashion.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and Luna are in the background, transparents as ghosts, watching the Tale brought to life.

The brothers come to a treacherous river, and with a lazy flick of his wand the elder brother conjures a bridge.
They're almost across it, when they see a hooded, winged figure, almost invisible, neither human, nor ghost.
It's sitting on the ground, throwing dices.

'Antioch Peverell' it says
Antioch:'You know my name?'
Death:'and yours Cadmus and Ignotus Peverell, I am your death, and I have been waiting for you many winter moon.'
Cadmus:'Are you going to take us with you?'
Death: 'That is for you to decide, I will grant you a second chance, but you must prove worthy of it.
You be the first Cadmus, what's the most desperate desire of your heart?'

Close to Cadmus's eyes as in Occlumency, we see him crying over a girl's dead body.

Death: 'Oh, the stroke that hits the vein, grief! the curse no man can bear!
well my eyes are blind, like those of the ones I took with me.
Blinded by grief and ice that cannot be melted, but my heart can still sense from afar the love of the livings for their deads.
Take my heart, it will lead you to the woman you loved.'

Death puts her long-fingered hands into her bosom, where they retrieve a black stone.
Cadmus accept the Gift most gratefully, shivering as he daes, for the stone is freezing his whole body through the hand holding the stone.

Suddenly, Ignotus speaks: 'I want something to be unseen, so to hide from you and who wants me with you, until I can't face a day more of this life!'

Death looks at him with her eyeless face, a blow of wind, and Ignotus disappears.

His brothers scream, then turns to the Angel of Death, uncertain on what's happening.

Ignotus reappears slowly in sight, as if he'taking a big cloak off himself.

Death:'You have what you wished for child, now GO!'

Antioch is the first to speak:' I don't have a care for dead ones, and have no fear of you, death!
I want a wand, worthy of a wizard who has conquered you!'

Death smiles a toothless smile, and says:
'Well, but know that this Wand will be made of Elder, the tree of misfortune, as you, the elder brother, are very misfortuned indeed.
Because you must keep this wand at safe, or it will bring about the destruction of the Earth (The sand at Death's feet design, in a blow of wind, the figure of a bald noseless man holding a stick), not today, not tomorrow, but soon enough.
Knowing this, you still want this hallow from me?"

Antioch appears a little taken aback, when death spreads her wings, and gets face to face to him.

Death:'So child, choose carefully, the world, or your wand?'
Antioch:'the...the wand!'
Death:'Aaaaah, your day will come, and you my child, will suffer more than anyone!'
Antioch: 'I'll face that day, now make it.'
Death: 'It...(closes her fist, then opens it revealing the elder wand) is done'.
Death stands up and says:
'I've done what I can, now prove you worth of your second chance'.
Death backs away, but still holding the Elder Wand with the tips of her fingers, as though scared to get dirty with it.

Antioch:'Hey, Death! Won't you give to me that which is mine? Death!

Death disappears, the Elder Wand hits the ground, Antioch runs to take it.

Quick flashbacks of Cadmus freezing to death holding the stone, slithering on the ground, as his loved one comes to fetch him.
Antioch lays dead in a bed, in a pool of his own blood, wandless and defeated.
A very old Ignotus finds Death in that very same spot he first found her while crossing the river, throwing dices again.
Death smiles to him, but his time her smile looks full of love and affection.
Ignotus disappears, without the help of any cloak.


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