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How/why will Harry leave Privet Drive this time?

People have talked about this but I'm sure no one's posted about it yet. But do any of you guys think that something "chaotic" will occur or some type of event will drive Harry out of Privet Drive. What I mean is, how you think Harry will get back to the wizarding wrld? In book2, the Weasley boys drove him out; book3, he ran away from Privet and escaped on a Knight bus; book4, Weasleys came and got him; book5, he was taken to Gp12 by Order members. Do you think he will be picked up again or something terrible will happen that will make Harry leave. Some people have said there might be an attack on the Granger family that will make Harry want to go help them. I seriously doubt this, but if something like this DID happen, I figure it would be a trap by Voldemort to lure Harry to him.

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