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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.14

There were a few hints or things that made people consider it. In Snape's first Potions class, he talks about the combination of two ingredients, Asphodel and Wormwood. Wormwood is a very bitter root, and Asphodel is a type of lily. Snape says these two create the Draught of Living Death, and in DH, there are a few instances where Snape's eyes suggest he's, to use a somewhat melodramatic phrase, dead inside.

SWM shows us that they at least went to school together...Many were suggesting pre-DH that that scene meant they may have been friends, but others said that Lily did not seem to care enough in that scene to indicate any friendship. There was definitely some argument there.

Slughorn goes on about Lily's potions prowess in HBP, the same book where Snape's talent in that subject is emphasized.

Then there was JKR's interview, where she was shocked that someone asked if Snape was going to fall in love.

There is also that line spoken by Lupin in the PoA movie about Lily seeing the beauty in others when they could not see it in themselves that got people thinking.

ETA: I forgot one more. In Harry's Occlumency lesson, after Snape breaks into his mind and sees Lily and James in the mirror of Erised, Harry notices he looks paler and angrier than usual.

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