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Here's a cool idea:

Uncle Vernon, who is absolutely incensed that crazy evil people could come to Privet Drive ("Get out! We will not have you in this house if some loony is after you!") treats Harry the worst he has ever treated him. Ever. Takes away his bedroom, destroys his stuff, doesn't allow him to eat with the family, that kind of thing. Finally, Harry fights back (without using magic--- I don't think he could get away with that a third time) and in retaliation for his rudeness, Uncle Vernon throws Harry out! For good! And he is able to counter Petunia's lame excuses for keeping him one after another, and so Harry has no other option! He would no longer have a place to stay at Privet Drive--- Privet Drive would no longer be his home--- and so he would be completely on his own. The charm would be destroyed. And I want to see what the Order would do... Lupin charging in and saving the day seems apt...

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