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Re: Saturday Night Live

Just saw some old SNL on VH1 today with Will Forte on it as Alex Trebek... both my mom and I were cracking up while watching it .

Poor guy got driven up a wall by Sean Connery, Tom Cruise and Adam Sandler...


RIP Uncle Bob . 1933-2016 Thanks for everything and thanks for the memories. We love you and miss you.

RIP my older cat. I'll miss you, my wonderful furry friend.

Looking forward to seeing Mulder and Scully again in the new X Files episodes!

Sad about the upcoming closing of the forums, but I won't forget you guys, thanks for the memories!

Proud fan of the TV show, The X Files and proud shipper of Mulder and Scully!!

RIP Toys R' Us. Once a Toys R' Us Kid, always one.
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