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Re: Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Open Discussion

Originally Posted by princesseliza46 View Post
yes. my mom told me and my siblings. my mom read an article about and that is how the movie is being split. because she wants every well almost every nitty gritty detail.
Well, as DigificWriter has noted, it was the producer's idea to split the film and that they then sought Rowling's approval.

Dan Radcliffe did an interview a week or so back explaining the split and basically, it came down to the movie can only be so long and show X amount of scenes...if they'd tried to fit it all into a single film just about everything that occurs in Part 1 would have been on the cutting room floor. Yikes, that's a lot of the plot of the film and final book to lose just to fit everything into one film.

I wished they'd split Goblet of Fire, actually. A lot of that hit the cutting room floor too. Grrr...

I'm hoping that come this summer, they'll tag team the box office with a re-launch of Part 1, a small intermission, quickly followed by screening Part 2. I'd definitely pay to see them both in one sitting.

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