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Re: Homosexuality in Harry Potter v2

RE: "What difference does it make?"

I am gay. I am offended by the idea that everybody in this story that I love should be straight, just because the mainstream considers homosexuality something unusual. If people have the right to speculate about two opposite-sex best friends, like Harry and Hermione, (who we have been TOLD are not a couple), then I want the right to speculate about two same-sex friends (about whom we have been told no such thing), like Sirius and Remus and get the same respect for my speculations.

RE: What difference does it make whether Dumbledore had an unsuccessful relationship with a male or female?

This was mentioned above but I feel it needs to be said again: Dumbledore is the only canonly gay character. He is the only representative of homosexuals in the entire, enormous franchise. If he wasn't, then it wouldn't matter. But JKR decided to represent the only homosexual relationship in her entire series as ending very badly. This can't be overlooked. She chose not to portray any happy gay relationships to even out this imbalance, but instead carefully erased any hint of one (see: Sirius/Remus). Even if you disagree with Sirius/Remus, there is still a lack of happy gay relationships, whereas the book overflows with unnecessary heterosexual relationships that contribute nothing to the plot. I wouldn't ask for these to be erased, nor for there to be token gay relationships just for the sake of it, but I find it suspicious that there is not a single gay counterpart to all the romancing in the later books. It's clearly indicative of her personal opinions and could influence readers to see homosexuality as something to be avoided.

I don't usually get up on my gay rights soapbox but this has wound me up.

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