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Re: Homosexuality in Harry Potter v2

Originally Posted by Moriath View Post
Unfortunately, there is only a gay character in HP if one considers the interviews canon.
I find this to be one of JKR's flaws. If she wanted certain facts to be part of her canon, she should have put them in the books, rather than declaring herself the absolute authority on the Wizarding World and making fans lech for facts in interviews long after she's finished publishing the books. It takes creativity and independent imagination away from fans and, IMHO, sparks a lot of "Yeah, but JKR hasn't said so, so you're wrong!" arguments on forums like this one.

One could say that writers naturally can't include their every thought in a book series, the some details have to get lost for the sake of a good story. Tolkien, for instance, also left a lot of unfinished notes, tales and letters that were later published posthumously, sparking discussion as to the relevance of these half-canon facts among Tolkien fans. However, in Tolkien's case, I think that, had he been given another lifetime, he would have revised his books until all facts had somehow found their place, or written more books to include these facts as finished and rounded off ideas, rather than half-formed footnotes. He just died before he could do that.

My point is that JKR, in comparison, is a very young writer, who has all the time in the world, but just didn't bother tying up all these threads into perfection, and now she is throwing vague facts at us like meat to hungry wolves. It makes me uneasy and I think it gives this whole fandom a sense of unbalance.

However, I think when it comes to Dumbledore being gay, the fact that she said so in an interview can be used for argument's sake. Personally, I find that the author's intention towards the real world public is more important to me in this discussion rather than the fictional character's sexuality itself.

I don't consider JKR's word as the Harry Potter law, for the reasons stated above, and so in my mind, the characters are what I want them to be, and as long as my friends agree and I can talk to them about it, I don't care how "canon" my thoughts are (although I base them in canon very firmly and don't go overboard with original thoughts like some fanfiction writers), because the HP canon is so foggy anyway.

But what I do find important is that an influential writer like JKR, could exclude homosexuality in the way she did, IMHO for the sake of pleasing a perceived majority.

~ "Just because something isn't mentioned in canon, that doesn't mean it couldn't happen."

"A writer who claims to own a character absolutely denies the existence of that character's soul." ~

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