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The Dark Lord Knows

Originally Posted by Bensoir
I dont see how Voldemort could know, Snape is still alive and if Voldemort did know then he'd be dead. Unless he is using Snape against the Order without him knowing. Not very probable though. Snape could be using the Polyjuice potion and turning himself into Crouch as he never died and can't exactly tell Voldemort he's alive.

I also think Harry will do Potions at NEWT as Dumbledore will want to keep Harry close to Snape to carry on with occulmancy etc.

Voldermort is suppost to be all seeing and i really think he knows
Lucius and bella drop a hint in Beyond The Veil. They said THE DARK LORD KNOWS ALWAYS
So that just for me proves at least he might know
i think Snape is on the dark side thats why he isnt dead already
And as for Dumbledore keeping harry close to snape he said in THE LAST PROFECY that He should have tought him not snape
SO i thint the dark lord knows

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