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For books that I love as much as HP, I like to be able to read them again and again. I can't see mysef reading them ever again if anyone in the trio dies. Don't get me wrong--tragic endings can be good--I loved the end of Titanic, but never wanted to see it a second time even though it was a great movie! So all three of the trio must live, or I get rid of all the books when it's all done. That doesn't mean I won't like them, or couldn't accept a tragic ending as a good one, but I wouldn't want to read them again if all the magic, fun, and humor of the first books is just leading up to a tragic end. I'd have the same reaction that Harry had to Moody showing him the pictures of the original OOTP in book 5--remember he said that he thought it was sick? Well, ending this series with the death of Harry would be just as bad--Harry's right on this one!

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