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Okay, it better not be a dream. If it is, I am going to...I don't know, boycott all fantasy for the rest of my life or something overly drastic.

I have noticed, though, that JKR is absolutely obsessed with time. We have the time turner in PoA, which is so complicated we should have a Hall of Time or something to address it. Then, in OoP, there is that whole room with the time turners and the bird and the "ugly-baby-headed death eater." She loves messing with it.

So, that, along with Dumbledore's "I must admit it would not satisfy me merely to kill you, Tom," right before he duels Voldie, gives me this crazy idea. What if Harry has some ability to manipulate time. I know that almost everyone has decided that Harry's power has something to do with goodness, but hear me out.

Voldemort either a) does not know it or b) detest it. He made himself virtually immortal after "many precautions" and experiments. This does not sound like the actions of a man ready to face his death. Plus, he is nearly seventy. He IS running out of time, whereas fifteen year old Harry might as well have forever. Terry Pratchett, for example, has a theory in his Discworld novels that we have hourglasses of life left. What if JKR has a similar and yet unexplained theory? Harry could actually have excess time in him!

Secondly, what better way to completely destroy Voldemort than to go back to before his fifth year and a) kill him, b) foil his plans and stop his rise before it begins, or c) turn him? Dumbledore woulde have completely destroyed what the Dark Lord stood for, and NO CASUALTIES WOULD HAVE BEEN SUFFERED. James and Lily would survive, along with Sirius and all the rest.

That, my friends, would be a happy ending to make the Brothers Grimm blush.

You say you want to live forever
But could you bear to watch everyone around you
Be swept away into the sea of death
And be the lone rock the tide never touched?
Could you change through eras and dynasties
See what was once loved disappear?
Immortality is loneliness.
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