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JK Rowling's been pretty clear about the dead staying that way so I don't thing we're going to get any of our loved characters back.

I'd like to see Harry beat that prophecy. I'm not sure I'm that happy with this "your fate is written, there's nothing you can do...." I've always had it at the back of my mind if anyone deserves to have his soul sucked it's Voldie. I just can't work out how Harry could arrange for this.
The other thing I wouldn't mind seeing happen is Harry to go into the one other thing he seemed rather good at and got a fair amount of satisfaction from. Teaching. He really seemed to enjoy the DA sessions
and his "students" were learning.
And wouldn't it just rot Snape's socks if, after all this time, with temptation to rejoin the DE gone with the final defeat of Voldemort,
the DADA position within his grasp, DD made Harry Potter the DADA
I love Snape but that would be somewhat amusing.

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