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Count me among those who'd like a happy ending where, at the very least, The Six survive. (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, and Luna.) However, there'd probably be some sort of hugeo devistation that left a lot of other people dead, definately a lot of teachers: Dumbledore, McGonagal, Lupin, Moody, at least one other Weasley... But Voldemort would be gone. I can imagine the ending going something like this:

"Of course, Harry realized, his life could never be the same. His mentor lay dead, somewhere off in the distance, and so did many of his closest friends... the ex-professor Lupin, Professor McGonagall... Dumbledore. In the past few years, he had learned to deal with death. But still, he had his dearest friends with.
If he could have, Harry almost would have loved to point his own wand at himself and scream, 'Oblivate'--just to forget all the horrible things that had happened. But he couldn't. He was in Gryfffindor--to do so would be the ultimate act of cowardice, and one he would not commit. Besides, he told himself, even all those awful memories melted away, he would always have a reminded--ever looming there on his forehead, like a smear of darkness--a single, thin, lightning bolt-shaped scar."

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"Keena… that means 'innocence,' doesn’t it? I did always like that name… 'twas the name of a late aunt of mine, I do believe. Of course, my father always said, his sister was one of the least innocent people he ever knew, but that’s family for you." -Spinning Slash, Chapter 15: From The Ashes
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