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Why would it be good for Harry to die and be reunited with his parents and Sirius? He hardly knows any of those three people. They are images in his mind--he doesn't know any of them, as the last book demonstrates. Let him live 60 or 70 years, then join them beyond the veil, and tell them what he did with the life they died to give him. Otherwise, they would have to say--we died so that you could die yourself at 17? Man, we should have lived, instead, if that's all you're doing with our gift!
Harry knows his closest friends, and even Neville, a lot better than the three adults who sacrificed themselves for him. What the heck would they have to talk about beyond the veil? The boy who lived must live!!!! Or what's the point of the series? Good call above on Harry becoming a teacher! Harry as the DADA teacher, and Snape hating every minute of it! I like Snape, I want him to get over it and move on--but I'm not sure that he's capable of that.

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