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[QUOTE: Freezair]
"Of course, Harry realized, his life could never be the same. His mentor lay dead, somewhere off in the distance, and so did many of his closest friends... the ex-professor Lupin, Professor McGonagall... Dumbledore. In the past few years, he had learned to deal with death. But still, he had his dearest friends with.
If he could have, Harry almost would have loved to point his own wand at himself and scream, 'Oblivate'--just to forget all the horrible things that had happened. But he couldn't. He was in Gryfffindor--to do so would be the ultimate act of cowardice, and one he would not commit. Besides, he told himself, even all those awful memories melted away, he would always have a reminded--ever looming there on his forehead, like a smear of darkness--a single, thin, lightning bolt-shaped scar."[/quote]

That's a good ending!!!!

--- I think that the ending's going to end with Harry heroicly dieing... Voldemort attacks him and they duel, Harry realizes what he must do to save everybody, die, and since Voldemort and Harry are connected through Harry's scar, they both die. And everyone that Voldemort killed comes back, including Harry.

^---- I think it's a little too Disney-ish though... Everything seems to simple

So besides that philosphy I have no CLUE so there! :rasp: j/k

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