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For me it would be- the "boy who lived" became known as "the boy who died". You see, the best thing about this is that his death would be the very downfall of Voldemort as Voldemort would make the same mistake as before, of underestimating the protection that someone dying for you can make- so lets say Harry dies for someone he loves and the Voldemort claims "victory" and then kills off the person he was supposed to do in the first place, but only this time, the curse rebounds and this time, Voldemort has no immortality to protect him. Some nice fried Voldie.

If JKR did a bit like this...

Harry felt like he was floating. The sensation was wonderful, and Harry soared upwards, light as a feather. The white light became too bright, and Harry had to screw his eyes up in order to see anything. There was wonderful, melodious music, and Harry gasped. His parents were walking, or rather, sort of "gliding" to him, with big smiles on their faces. "Hello, Harry" said his mother. "Well done, son" offered his father. Harry's heart leapt even higher, for on the white horizion, a familiar big black dog was bounding towards him.

I would cry for ages with happiness and proclaim JKR as the greatest ever.

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