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I do not think that Harry dying would make all that great of an ending, personally. As several have already stated, his parents died so that he might live a normal, happy life. So he should have the chance at that, before he joins them in the next world. I would like for Harry to defeat the 'dark lord' in a way that no one ever would have imagined possible. Without killing Tom, himself. There will be losses, yes, and Harry's will be great, I think. But his power, the one that has gotten him this far, will save him in the end, from himself, as well as what Voldemort will do to him. I think he will need to have someone to love, and be loved by for all this to work in the first place. Preferably Luna or Hermione.

Another possible ending I liked was where Harry attacks Voldemort with all his being at once. The attack destroys Voldemort completely, but Harry's energy is so drained that all that's left of him is a crystalized statue. Now, either he has the loved one, mentioned above, to revive him from this state somehow, or we have a fast forward in the epilogue that shows the statue still there, become either forgotten, or put on display, or even become some kind of tourist attraction. And Harry's soul forever trapped within. Never to make it to the next world, or interact with this one again, either. Until someone can wake him.

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