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I think it should be a LotR ending. Harry is over welmed by grief and walks through the veil (lotr-grey havens)

-Harry looked into Dumbledores sparkling blue eyes and saw a tear roll down his cheek. He knew he could not change Harrys mind.
Harry looked at his close friends and realized that he had caused too much pain. Dumbledore and Harry exchanged one last look and hug and Harry was goin back peacefully into the veil. He was going home. A life with family and friends, a life with out evil and terror. But the magical people would always remember Harry as the boy who lived, the man who defeated, the hope of the world, but most of all the one with the scar.

"You should have died! Died rather than betray your friends, as we would have done for you!"
-Sirius Black

~*We will never forget you, Sirius Black*~
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