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In my opinion, I think the best ending would be that Neville is actually "the one" lol but seeing as how that won't happen..... I hope Harry and Ron die ... I know it's awful but I like bitter endings that make you grieve like LOTR as someone pointed out so very well before. But if Harry doesn't die.... I hope he becomes the DADA teacher.

It would be rather satisfying. If Harry does die, I hope Hermione becomes a teacher at Hogwarts (transfiguration once McGonagall retires or whatever) and that she's married to Ron or something...... I think that Ron and Hermione fit the best because Hermione reminds me soooooo much like Mrs.Weasley.... it would be perfect! But I really hope Harry dies or Ron does. It would make me sick to see a pefect Harry and Hermione live happily ever after lol. And then Draco would become the Potions teacher and finally Snape would understand Harry though he would still be bitter.

While, Luna Lovegood gets with Neville or something and Ginny with Harry lol (dream on, eh?)

And then if Neville was "the one" when he kills voldemort he'll get a scar on his forehead just like Harry has .... and imo the one Dumbledore has from Grindewald (I swear he has a scar! just look people loooooooookkkk lol)

lol Ill stop ranting... I do that a lot

So many possible endings.... I just want a huge death... I want to be crying at the end dangit!

After reading all the other posts... I may have had a small change of heart. I still want a sad ending but perhaps...... if Harry lives it might be sadder then him dying. If he loses all his friends and such ... he'd be all alone and have to deal with this fact forever because of his scar

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