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Chapter Two: Going Back to The Leaky Cauldron

Elizabeth looked around the old pub. She was looking to see if there was anyone familiar. No one, except the bartender was. She pulled both of her trucks out of the fireplace all the way and set them to the side of it. She went over to Tom and got herself a room for the night as she gazed around the pub. It hadn’t really changed since her last visit. Even the atmosphere was the same, a sort of wary casualness to it that often accompanied the war.

She walked up to Tom, the bartender and got a room. He glanced up at her oddly when she told him her name to put on the register.

“Potter, eh? Haven’t seen you in a long while. In fact I’ve seen your nephew several times since you left and he was getting his school things! You left before James and Lily...”

“Yes,” Elizabeth answered quickly, not wishing to discuss it already. She was trying to adjust, and she had just gotten there a matter of moments before.

The old bartender nodded, “Will you help me get your things up to your room? That way you won’t have to worry about anything happening to them.”

Elizabeth nodded as she eyed the pub quickly once more. “Yes, I will. You don’t have any employees?”

“We have three doing the food and one serving it. What with magic, you know we don’t really need many. We also have two freed house-elves here, cleaning . Good thing that they’re free or we might lose them do to people leaving their clothes behind.”

They went and took her trunks to room six quite quickly as both of them had levitated the trunks.

Back in the noisy pub, Elizabeth ordered shepherd’s pie. She ate slowly as she looked carefully around the pub and listening to the conversations going on around her.

“I knew Fudge was lying to us all. He’s always been protective of his position,” said a brown haired wizard at the table to the right of hers.

“Well, I’m surprised he hasn’t lost his job, now that everyone knows that Fudge has called Dumbledore senile,” said a sensibly dressed witch next to the wizard.

The slightly older man at their table sighed and said sadly, “I suppose that Fudge won’t be able to get us through the up and coming war, now will he? But I doubt he’ll retire and allow someone more suited for the job to come forward.”

The brown haired wizard laughed softly, “You see that’s his fear.”

Elizabeth bit her lip as she listened, an old habit that she had had for nearly as long as she remembered. She diverted her attention to the table behind her, which she didn’t dare glance at as she was afraid to let anyone know that she was listening.

“I spoke with Molly this morning at the meeting, she said that he’s very quiet,” said the soft voice of a man.

“Quiet? He was quiet last year!” said a young woman’s voice quietly.

A deep voice answered, saying, “Yes, but now he’s very quiet.”

The woman’s voice said, “Was he always like that?”

“No,” answered the soft male voice, “He wasn’t ever this quiet. He does have reason to be.”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow at her plate. She didn’t know who they were talking about. She quickly finished her food and stood up to go to her rooms for her key to Gringotts. She found it in her trunk in her money bag which had a few spare sickles in it. She had had just enough money in her pockets for the meal and the rooms.

She started down the stairs after locking her door behind her. At the foot of the stairs, she came face to face with someone. She eyed them closely and gasped.

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