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Originally Posted by Dragonfly the 2nd
I think the best ending would be Harry's death. Harry and Voldemort should die killing each other, or Harry should be forced to kill himself to kill Voldemort. It wouldn't be sad at all, because Harry would be reunited with Sirius and his parents, and anybody else who dies. That would be an excellent ending, in my opinion. It's sort of a doomed "happily ever after."
I used to think this. I probably still do. Harry sacrificing himself for the good of would be so sad, but so warming and happy, especially if he was reunited with those he loved and lost.

Alternatively, an ending that involved everyone together would be good too. But I just don't think that it will happen....

Originally Posted by Avada Kedavra
For me it would be- the "boy who lived" became known as "the boy who died". You see, the best thing about this is that his death would be the very downfall of Voldemort as Voldemort would make the same mistake as before, of underestimating the protection that someone dying for you can make- so lets say Harry dies for someone he loves and the Voldemort claims "victory" and then kills off the person he was supposed to do in the first place, but only this time, the curse rebounds and this time, Voldemort has no immortality to protect him. Some nice fried Voldie.
My version of this was that if Harry sacrificed himself in some way for the world, then his strange and mysterious power of love would be unleashed from the MOM and protect everyone in the world. Therefore if Voldemort killed anyone he would die...or the survivors could all join together to kill him with supreme protection. Don't you love it when people think the same? Shows we're not insane...

Anyway, here's my ending that got lost a while ago on the old Very Ending thread:

'As the black clouds cleared, and the lightning that had torn the sky apart faded, Hermione and Ginny held hands tightly. Hermione, still bleeding from the intensity of the battle behind them, smiled weakly at Ginny as the tears fell from her brown eyes, attempting to hold back her own.
"He did it," she half whispered. "He saved us all."
The two got to their feet and gazed around at the remains of Hogwarts. The new sunlight fell all around them, highlighting the devastation, signalling an evil that was now past, but not forgotten. They picked their way over to their hero, the world's hero, who lay apart, eyes closed and breathing stilled.
"You did it Harry," Hermione said, taking his limp hand. "I hope you're with them now." She turned to face Ginny again, and both of their eyes widened in shock.
"What - " they both began, then both lifted a hand to their foreheads. On both were small, but perfect, feather shaped scars. And as the rest of the survivors began to make their way over, the lucid and pure phoenix song held in the fresh air. Everyone smiled through their tears, for they knew that from now on, every person born would bear the mark of love, the mark of sacrifice. Wizard or muggle, boy or girl, each would have the reminder of their saviour. A phoenix feather scar."


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