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I think the best ending ever would be for Voldermort to die, Dumbledore to die, Harry, Hermione, Lupin and Snape to live.

I think Harry should become either Headmaster or an auror. Hermione should become an auror, shes smart enough and never rushes foolishly into anything.

If they do become aurors then further adult books could be made later on.

I think Snape will keep the potion masters job and still carry on moping about the DADA position. Now this is where it might get interesting, to see Snape have to grovel to Harry if Harry becomes the new headmaster at Hogwarts.

Lupin will possibly take the DADA job up once and for all, without anyone bothering that he is a werewolf.


Now Neville, I think he might go on to teach Herbology at Hogwarts but I am not sure as to whether or not Neville will live through all of this, he could die.

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